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Author Topic: Arghhhhhhhhhh!  (Read 2316 times)

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« on: October 31, 2006, 07:08:00 AM »

Thanks for the new board DJ!
I am a diehard bowhunter. Before I had three kids I used to average 30 days in the field in our early archery season that is approximately 45 days long. Last year the 400 acres that I have been hunting for 11 years was sold in an auction after my wife's grandmother passed away :'(. We still own a small 40 acre section of it that is okay for hunting, but is not near what I used to have.  I shot a doe off of it 3 days ago (Saturday the 28th) and saw a 150 class on it in the morning so there is hope for it. I have a good friend who's father-in-law owns the land bordering my old hunting ground. He has even more land than we had to hunt at about 900 acres. He has been gracious this year to take me with him whenever he gets the time to get out.
To start the story from last night, I will take you back to last year when 6 different times I or my wife and I (she goes with me q


Re: Arghhhhhhhhhh!
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2006, 09:07:42 AM »

Sorry, don't know what button i hit :-\'.
Anyway, to start the story from last night, I will take you back to last year when 6 different times I or my wife and I (she goes with me quite often) saw a 150 class 10 pointer. He was somewhat of a doe crazy deer who I thought I could harvest. My buddy Nate (who hunts the bordering land) also saw him several times. We both had him in bow range twice apiece, but some circumstance always arose when he was near. The first time it was just too dark by the time he got into my shooting lane. The second time I never got to pull on the wary son of a buck. Nate had him at 30 yards the next night, but his bow was still on the ground while he was in the tree ::). I saw him twice during gun season, but never got a shot. I then saw him on the last day of muzzleloader season, so I knew he would still be around for the next season, unless he met some unfortunate headlights. I was fortunate to harvest a 130 inch 8 pointer with my bow last year, so it did not hurt too bad that I was not able to harvest this deer, though his memory still lingered. Nate and I both did see two other bucks that were larger than him, but never with any regularity. He was our resident big buck.
Now let me take you to this season. I have been helping my brother build his new home and this has taken up many of my afternoons that I would normally be bowhunting (not an easy thing to do, but he would do it for me). I have been out a total of 6 times and as I mentioned did shoot a doe. I have been able to go with Nate 4 of these times. Nate called me Sunday and told me that his father-in-law was picking a soybean field and saw a huge non-typical walk right by the stand I had been hunting the night before. He told Nate it was the biggest big he had ever seen in the 40 years of farming that land.
Moving on to last night Monday October 30. I had planned on working at my brother's house, but at the last minute Nate called me. He asked if I was up for hunting and I have never been one to say no. He told me he would be trying for the monster and would put me on stand next to my old reliable swamp that borders my old property. I was hoping Nate would get a shot at the bruiser and I was just going to be happy seeing a few deer. It was very windy and warm, you couldn't hear anything, but at least it wasn't cold and they couldn't hear me. The wind was perfect for me and knew I wasn't likely to get busted. At 5:00 I glanced down the old logging trail coming out of the swamp and instantly saw horns! After a short inspection I realized it was the 10 pointer that had gotten lucky 4 other times last year, except the year had been very good to this deer. He was still a 10 pointer, but WOW did he grow. I would guess he was 22 inches inside at least and would probably score 160-170. Well the old buck fever started to quickly set in as he was only 35 yards and closing as he was checking a rub line in front of me. He walked into a thicket in which the trail he was on ended up 25 yards in front of me. I pulled back while he was in the thicket to ensure him not seeing me pull back when he was in the open. There were two shooting lanes he would be entering shortly and I decided the I would take him as soon as he stepped into the first one, which was only about 4 feet wide between two trees. The second opening is easily 15 yards wide with nothing in the way. Well the buck stepped into the first opening and stopped right where he should have after about 20 seconds of me being pulled back. Shaking madly I tried to steady the pin on his shoulder when he started to move again. Instead of letting down and waiting 2 more seconds and letting down til he got to the next opening, I tried rushing the shot. Well, I clipped the left tree and put the arrow right beneath his belly between all four legs. I do admit buck fever got the best of me and I absolutely blewwwwww it! As if to taunt me the buck entered the next opening staring in my direction for about 30 seconds to try and figure out hat just went on. I tried to get another arrow nocked, but could not hardly move with him staring at me. He then turned and trotted back down into the swamp from where he came. About 15 minutes before dark he showed up again only a little further out at about 65 yards to try and investigate the area. At least I didn't spook him out of the swamp. Problem is Nate wil lnot be able to hunt for at least a week and a half. So my dreams of harvesting Lucky (that is his new name) may be over. I will keep all informed of his health for the remainder of deer season. Who knows next hunt may be the big non-typical? Thank all for listening to my sad, sad buck story. Please let's hear some more success stories. God Bless and Good Hunting!


Re: Arghhhhhhhhhh!
« Reply #2 on: October 31, 2006, 09:30:16 AM »

 160 - 170 is quite a buck!  Just to get a good look at one like that is pretty special. As I type this, on the wall to the left is a 145 and to the right is a 149 and in front of me is a 146 so I'm somewhat familiar to your situation. I've never got past the 150" mark but have spent endless hours trying. The pusuit of Mr. Big is more time consuming than any other sporting endeavor that I know of.
 You're in the right part of the country to get it done over there so I wish you the best of luck. This next moon will be the time for sure, you may even notice you're not feeling the best all of a sudden. It's probably best to call in sick so as not to infect the entire work place! ;D
 They aren't smart, they aren't wary and they aren't lucky. THEY'RE PARANOID! ;)
Look past what they want you to see.


Re: Arghhhhhhhhhh!
« Reply #3 on: October 31, 2006, 10:41:46 AM »

My best ever is a 144 5/8 8 point that came off the same property. He had 11 inch brow tines! I have taken 4 there over 125, but this 10 point is a special deer. I believe he has less than 2 inches of deduction, I could not see a flaw on the rack anywhere. Of course, I was somewhat high on adrenaline, but I watched him at less than 40 yards for several minutes. I shot one 8 years ago that was stolen by the landowner on whos property he died on. I tried to get the DNR involved but they said I would have to press charges to get him back and I did not want to get into that. He was a perfect 12 that scored over 170. I don't know the exact figure, but he has him hung on his wall. I don't quite know the thrill of hanging someone else's deer on your wall, but i guess he is okay with it. He only made it 40 yards onto his land. I called him to make sure it was okay to go get him and he told me that he shot the deer and it was his. Kinda' funny since I watched him die after the shot right before my own eyes. Hopefully, I will get a second chance at lucky. If not me then at least my hunting buddy Nate.


Re: Arghhhhhhhhhh!
« Reply #4 on: October 31, 2006, 06:00:13 PM »

Man this is what I'm talking about. These tales of the hunt are just what the doctor ordered. Great job R.
"Not in the clamor of the crowded streets nor in the shouts and plaudits of the throng, but within oneself lies victory or defeat."


Re: Arghhhhhhhhhh!
« Reply #5 on: October 31, 2006, 08:11:47 PM »

I feel for you Rufus.  A few years ago I had a monster 14pt come in to my stand two nights in a row withing 10yds and couldn't get him.  The second night he followed the scent trail I laid out and went right into my shooting lane and I drew back but couldn't see the sights a little to dark.  He walked around in every opening withing 20 yds for about a half hour and then walked off into the swamp.  I was so bummed that night walking out of there.  But that is how it goes.  I have been seeing tons of bucks got one nice 6pt.  Seen one real nice buck can't tell if he is a 8 or a 10.  Every time I see him he is a little to far and in some thick stuff.  Just no other trees where I am at to get a better set up.  I am hoping in the rut he will mess up.  Time will tell.  Gun season he would be done for.  I have been sighting in my new .270  real nice shooting gun. 


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Re: Arghhhhhhhhhh!
« Reply #6 on: November 03, 2006, 10:32:56 PM »

Almost got a 6-point Wednesday night coming home from talking to a bass club. Biggest deer weight-wise I've seen in a while - I thought it was some kind of farm animal! It was down on its belly right on the centerline between the two lanes westbound on I-96.

Of course on a very dark stretch between two stands of trees. It had its head up which is how I got a good look at the anglers - not big. Woke me up passing the thing sitting there in the dark going down the highway in the dark. It must have been clipped by someone.

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