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The silver largemouth bass - a new species?

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; The whole problem lies in the young child on the right wearing the UM hat.  ;D I'm sure deep down the root of the problem begins there.  ;)

"we'll take the ____, the _____ and the ______, but we don't want the irish!"

Someone famous said that, I think... ;D

I think most football coaches say that about their schedule. So it could be Woody Hayes, Bo Schembec@#@!#%, etc.

Most recently Lloyd Carr wants ND removed from their schedule. I understand why the past 5 years, but after this season, he should reconsider that. That was a pretty good game for his club.

yeah - they seem to be having an 'ok' year this year ;D (Go Blue!)


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