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The silver largemouth bass - a new species?

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Okay, so it isn't a new species, but some type of pigment problem - probably a lack of pigment actually on this silver largemouth bass caught from a lake along with some of those regular green bass we all know and love. Doesn't appear to be a full albino, but interesting.

You have to be impressed that the bass survived this long since fish that stand out usually get eaten early in life. These young anglers had a good day bass fishing including catching this 'silver' largemouth (I don't have a problem with keeping a few fresh fish to eat, which is what they did, especially when it comes to our younger anglers - and yes, I blurred out their faces because I do not have written permission from parents to show them - notice though... I did not blur out the hat on the far right ;D).

Anyone here ever catch a bass like this... or another interesting bass? I have seen a golden largemouth bass before too.

Dan, I've never seen a silver bass, but i have caught one that was golden with a bad eye, i know i have a picture of it around here somewhere i'll have to see if i can find it. This is very intersting.

joshimoto son:
I caught one once that had a patch over one eye and a wooded fin!

I have enough trouble with the brown and the green ones, I wonder how much new stuff I'ld have to buy to fish for the silver ones?

I do have an apparent handicap talent - I catch a lot of one-eyed bass (no wooden fins). I forgot, I've also seen pictures of a couple orange largemouth bass over the years too.


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