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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; anybody ever fish for muskie? I already stored my bass boat and the duck hunting has been lousy this year, thinking about taking the pontoon out to troll for muskie. Not really sure how to fish for them, just looking for a little revenge for all the lures they took from me this summer.

 are you in mi or in? now is the time to do some great fall fishing for the muskie. right now i'm in the and we are having a ice on challenge on the 18th and all proceeds go to the father and son that lost their life on thornapple this summer. the money goes for his daughter to help her any way it can. michagan muskie alliance is around your area so might want to check with them. by the way , i'm getting out of musky fishing and have some rod combos for sale on under sell and swap meet. hope this helps ..karol

If you're on a musky lake that has slighty deeper flats with nice weed clumps with a little green left, near the drops, there might be some musky snooping around those areas this time of year...

Just thinking of the kinds of places where I get bit off this time of year... Trolling along any slightly deeper drop that has green weeds will probably put you near some musky.

That was real sad about the Thornapple Lake accident. I'm glad to see anglers are trying to help out. I try to be safe, set an example and do some preaching because I don't want to ever lose any friends if at all possible (and my wife would be pretty mad if I did something stupid or careless to add to the already risky venture of running around in a little boat on the Great Lakes). We all need to be careful and safe so we can continue to enjoy fishing.


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