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What gives?

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; We've been contacted by 5 clubs that are joining the 3 we have now so far. I've heard from 2 more so far that may join. Don't know yet beyond that, but we will be getting out more information within a couple days to more clubs.

I get the impression some people think we may not make it, or won't keep going. Just a note where we are nationally - 44 federations plus the collegiate association, ~1,550 clubs and over 25,000 members so far. In the north, we have 5 federations including the biggest in the country - Indiana. We will be gaining 2 more federations very soon to have at least 7. The support we are getting is very impressive.

Some people as 'waiting and seeing' but if you don't join now, you will already be missing some great benefits and potentially rewarding opportunities - just ask Derek Cummings and Jon Jezierski about their National Championship qualification.

Skip Johnson:
I have been looking into TBF for priority entry in the BFL, other than priority FLW entry and some product discount what does TBF have to offer?
If the MI TBF clubs do not have tournaments how could you qualify for TBF national championships?

We will have the state championship at the state level to send a state team to the Northern Divisional Championship and on.

It is up to each club to decide how they create their club team to the TBF of MI state championship. For 2007 only, we will allow everyone to be eligible for the state championship. Each club just needs to come up with an equal number of designated boaters and nonboaters. Again, up to each club how they do that designate boaters verses nonboaters.

This will work as long as we don't suddenly get 600 members who want to fish. I don't expect that, but would like to see good participation in what is a great opportunity. Several great opportunities actually.

I will be adding a 'What's In It for Me' page to the web site within the next three days to show all the benefits including Ranger Cup (bigger the more members we get); Castrol bonus, Lowrance discounts, BassFanArmy Weekend Warrior qualification opps, Cul'mRite discounts, Pro Angler for a Year dream package, priority and potential guaranteed spots in all the FLW levels (this year's Detroit FLW already taken), and much more with more coming.

I think the state fish-off should be on the Grand by Waverly rd.

What do you think Dan.

Well... there'd be two of us there anyway... but probably not a good 'growth' plan ;D


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