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Defining a professional bass angler

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; This comes up every so often on fishing forums, especially where tournament anglers tend to hang out. It came up again today on facebook. I really don't know why one angler cares so much about what another angler decides to call himself - it sure doesn't bother me if someone wants to call themselves a professional angler - regardless, this is a pretty good article about being a pro angler and I've always thought Sammy Lee is one of the nicest persons in fishing.

From FLW Outdoors 01.May.2001 by Rob Newell:
Defining a professional bass angler

Hint: It's more than just good fishing skills

In the bass-fishing industry it is assumed that the words “professional bass angler” refer to one who derives his livelihood from bass fishing. But for Sammy Lee, the label carries a connotation that runs much deeper than catching fish and cashing checks.

Read complete article on FLW Outdoors.

What defines a professional angler.  Not me :D :D

IMO, anyone that wears a shirt and tie when fishing is professional  ;D

I like the idea of a tournament where everyone has to wear a tux! They used to require tuxedos at the Bassmaster Classic awards dinner. You wouldn't even recognize a few of the pros in tux!

One of the tourneys I fish with my pops ever fall. I have tried to get him to  do at least the blast off in a full tux with tails and a tophat.  It's either that or a chicken suit :D


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