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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; What is the date of the event? Is it just one day? What boat ramp?

Team houston:
You do not need a sport card for a single day license. You also do not need a Walpole licence if you don't fish there. Since Walpole waters are more than likely 5% or less of the lake not a hard thing to do.

Event is two days in august.  In the past rules have required purchase of Canadian and Walpole licences to be eligible for tournament.  I looked into it and will spend about 90 bucks to get those licences this time around.  My feeling is that there is plenty of water on the US side.

I have to go against my Fellow Team Bassers on this one...

I am close to LSC so I will get the licenses for the year either way.....So my opinion is a little different than someone just coming in for the tournament....

There is plenty of water to fish yes....but if we fish US waters only it basically leaves up and down the channel/mile roads and the US side of the SC River....We are losing the Belle River Hump, Gardens, half of the LSC river,Stag and Fawn Island and other Late Summer Hotspots....
I would be OK with eliminating the Walpole requirement....Savage are you sure that a Walpole license was required...?? I don't remember that.

Here is the website to get a license...Everything is Efile now so you don't have to run around trying to get the tag..

Every year we hear this Canadian border hysteria.....and by the time fishing season gets in full swing it pretty much winds down to business as usual...Don't touch land and don't anchor and you won't have any issues.....I believe that the MWC is just overeacting to the same issues we have year after year...
By eliminating the Canadian water the Tournament will lose 75 percent of the fishable water of LSC and the River.....If they do that I wonder how many guys will run to Erie...

How much of Erie is good Michigan water?


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