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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Bridge to bridge is an attempt to prevent issues with the 4hours / angler rule.  The intent is that the non boater has the choice of fishing his area for 4 hours(including drive time).  If the boater wanted to go to Erie and the non boater had his spots picked out in the upper st. Clair river, there might be arguements about neither getting sufficient time.  That is the reasoning and has been that way the last few times on St. Clair.

Copied from the Michigan B.AS.S. Federation Nation Website:
2012 State Championship
This year the State Championship will be held on Lake St Clair, August 16-19 out of Metro Beach Park. Watch for more information coming soon!!
State Championship Rules
Information on Michigan Enhanced Drivers Licenses
Information on U.S. Passports
Fishing Licenses
This year, ALL anglers will be required to have a Michigan License, a Canadian License and a Walpole License.
All licenses are available at Lakeside Tackle at 10 Mile and Jefferson

Outdoors/Sports Card - $12.00
8 Day Canadian License - $57.00
Walpole 7 Day License - $22.00
MI State Entry Fee - $125.00     
Total cost to fish State Tourney - $ 216.00

That's how i read it, correct ????

I didn't see anything in the minutes about the Walpole license being a requirement.,...But I did see that you have to have an Enhanced Drivers license...That is another 40 bucks...

Just fish LSC more often and all of those licenses and fees are a better investment for your dollar... ;) ;D

walpole will be required as well, all open all licenses necessary


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