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--- Quote from: Eric on February 14, 2012, 09:55:26 AM ---How much of Erie is good Michigan water?

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The question was US waters so I was assuming that Ohio waters would be open......I know a few guys that would make the run to Erie if the bite was right....

My point is that you will see more guys running to Erie if they cut off Ontario water...Especially in August....

US waters only in August will have the majority pretty much fishing the same pattern up and down the Channel.....

What ever you plan on doing just get the right licenses its not worth the fines.  Trust me!

Make sure people know you cannot fish the Firecracker tower and be fishing US water. The entire structure is in Canadian waters while the actual channel edge near the floating buoy is US waters.

You should probably have a rule about not running the cutoff part of the shipping channel too since that is all closed and people might run out it from the South Channel into the lake as a shortcut. Anyone see doing that might appear to have been fishing Canadian/Walpole water. Just a couple suggestions.

You may have already thought of these two things but I bring up the Firecracker because every time someone has a tournament hosting out of area anglers in mid-summer to fall on St. Clair I run into competitors fishing the Firecracker (because many know or hear about its reputation) who believe they are in US waters because they either can't read a chart or want to claim ignorance so they can fish it.

Do what you think you need to do to attract the best participation. I always liked all waters open but I still fished plenty of tournaments with US waters only.

Presidents voted for all waters open in straw pole at the meeting so.... all waters open from bridge to bridge (no Erie).  Better have a passport or enhanced liscence when you sign up. . . .

Why no Erie???


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