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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; If you have a different preference you can list below.  Would like to hear from everyone...

US waters only saves a guy $90 in licences, and no need to get a passport or an enhanced drivers licence.  No brainer
 - limit it to US waters

Team houston:
A one day non res Canadien license is about $20. You do not need a passport or enhanced drivers licence to fish Canadien water. You just need to call in and let them know you will be there.

It is a two day tournament, so it requires an 8 day Canadian, sportcard and 7 day Walpole. 

But why not a Passport?  I thought that was now required by border patrol if you are stopped coming into US water from Canada.  How do they know if you touched land or not?  I may be wrong (most likely) but I guess I need better clarification. 

I also noticed the MWC tournaments just made Canada off limits due to this same issue. (Posted on

I believe it is only a 1 day tournament. I also just talked to a buddy of mine that is a CBP supervisory officer at the Bluewater bridge and he said as long as you don't anchor or dock in Canadian waters you don't need a passport to get back into US waters.


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