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where are they?


var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Hey Dan, i'm looking for pics and story from your latest trip. I'll keep lookin'....

Firefighter Jeff:
Rut Row  !!!     :-\'

I don't have any of myself since I never made it past Detroit. I'm only now beginning to feel like I can tell the story of Failure to Fly on Friday the 13th... I am taking a 2nd shot at the end of February with someone else's group.

The rest of my friends made it fortunately to the mighty Rio Negro in Brazil. I believe the biggest in my group was a giant 21-pounder! That for a first-timer who did put in the extra effort to get it! I will have a picture of that posted shortly.

Another GLBass member got a 15-pounder AND a monster 4 pound Piranha! I have pictures of those too. So very soon, you can see those.

I asked if they both want to go back and both said yes! I asked one how he would rate the trip from 1 to 10 with 10 being AWESOME and he said 10! I'm very happy about that! I just want people to go fishing and have a great time, the time of their life if possible!

Team houston:
Dan one of the gentleman from Arkansaw caught a 23 and a half lber. That was the biggest of the group. 3 others were 20lbs plus. With a guess of about 10 to 12 between 15 and 20lbs.

Yeah. I was just counting you guys but I will report more details about all 10 anglers on the trip. I know you landed over 500 peacock bass. That means you probably had another 2 or 300 hundreds shots at fish. I know Scott said he had other chances at huge peacock bass that broke some lures or just missed the hooks!


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