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Have my 6 in The Bass Boys but happy to have more!

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--- Quote from: Team houston on November 02, 2011, 07:02:30 AM ---Dan, remind me, am I in or do I need to do something?

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You are a member of TBF until 12/31/2011. You need to pay dues again if you want to be a TBF of Michigan / TBF Inc member for 2012 and get any priority entries - Choose the drop-down option for TBF FLW Life Member if you want to pay online or follow directions for mailing payment to me.


--- Quote from: bigjc on November 02, 2011, 10:52:38 PM ---Dan, how much are the dues?

Does that give the members opportunity to fish the state tourneys?

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I do not have any local club dues. Total dues are $75 for 2012. That includes $25 for TBF of Michigan, $15 for TBF Inc (national) and $35 for FLW Outdoors (and their bass fishing magazine). That does make you eligible to fish the TBF of Michigan state championship and gives a path all the way to the TBF National Championship, BFL All-American and Forrest Wood Cup.

I'm up to 7 members now with 1 or 2 more coming in shortly. I will take all I can get because strong federations are a good thing for bass fishing.

I know a couple boaters that would likely be interested in joining.  One was an original Bass Boys member, but got farmed out to another club so they could have their 6th member, so they could start another club.  But I bet he would come back if Bass Boys wil lneed boaters to fish the fish off. 

I'm just getting started so have these couple of guys sign up soon. The earlier, the better. I'm turning in those who have signed up this week on Sunday.


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