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Time for 2012 Dues for The Bass Boys


var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; There's a TBF of Michigan meeting coming up on November 6. It's time to get the 2012 roster setup for The Bass Boys. Already one member in not counting me! It is very important to get all members in before December 31, 2011 to fund all TBF activities. Being a member of TBF gives you a voice, makes you part of the solution to protect and improve bass fishing in Michigan!

Please visit The Bass Boys membership page to join for 2012. If you are a TBF and FLW member, you still must pay all your dues through your TBF club. There are no dues for The Bass Boys at the club level so total membership for state, national TBF and FLW remains $75.

Click the link above or go to


Just like last year I won't know my status in the State fish off until later in the year.....Hopefully it is on a weekend that I have off.....Any word on location yet??


No word on date or location yet. They may be discussing it this coming week and have some idea on the November 6 general meeting.

Got you and tbone today. Thanks!

what does the fishoff qualify you for.  some day I will figure this out.

If you make the state team - top 12 finishers plus 1 alternate from 13th place that travels - you go the following fall to the Northern Divisional Championship. Much of your expenses are paid being on the team rather than an actual payback at the state championship.

There are additional opportunities from that point on where you can make it all the way to the Forrest Wood Cup Championship and win $500,000 to $1 MILLION!


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