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Mr.Clapper's health?


var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Hello Dan and members, I was wondering if any one knew how Mr.Clapper was doing? I live in Canada and had the pleasure of talking to him many times during the canadian opens held out of Windsor. We used to have the room next to him at the hotel and would pick his brains for all kinds of tips and information, he was always very accommodating. I learned more in those parking lot talks then I did reading and magazines or internet articles. Hope he is doing well, his wife was also supper nice to us at the hotel, miss the canadian open and there company, thanks chris.

I'll pass that on. Steve is doing pretty good right now. Out of respect for his privacy we'll leave it at that.

As you said he is quite the knowledgeable angler on the cutting edge of Great Lakes bass fishing especially, and a very, very nice person. His wife Linda is as nice as he is.

Thanks for the update Dan. chris

I understand Steve and Linda will be at some of the weigh ins for the Detroit River EverStart so anyone happening to be there can say hello. I was planning on being there but a fishing/picture/video trip I've been trying to setup for a while came up on Saturday so I'll be heading the opposite direction to do that now instead.


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