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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; forum includes a convenient picture image gallery as a premium feature and reward to the most helpful and supportive members as our way of saying thanks.

You can upload fairly large pictures to the existing galleries or your own personal Member Gallery. Just go to Gallery | MyGallery as long as you are eligible to use the Image Gallery. To be eligible to upload and store your pictures you must meet one or more of the following options:

1. Your membergroup by number of posts is 'Big Fish' or above - greater than 99 posts including 'Master Angler' (250 post and up) and 'Legend' (500 posts and up); or

2. You have volunteered in the past two seasons to help by working at one of the outdoor show booths (GLBass Friends group); or

3. You have donated $5 or more in the past two years to help with the expense of running If you are in either 2, 3 or 4, you will be listed as a member of the GLBass Friends group - I consider all of you a friend, but this is to designate people who have helped out above and beyond; or

4. You have used one of our affiliate online shopping links to make a purchase (just PM me with the date of purchase, the company you purchased from and the total charge only for verification - unfortunately, not all purchases are credited to; or

5. You are a promotional sponsor-advertiser of

Anyone, guest or member, can view the picture galleries. Any member can comment and rate (and report any inappropriate) pictures, but only those of you who match one or more of the criteria below will be able to upload new pictures.

The image gallery simplifies sharing your pictures within your posts too by providing several link options you can use to automatically insert and link your pictures into posts.

To upload your own pictures (if you are eligible), just click the Gallery tab above. Use an existing category or upload to your personal gallery (MyGallery).

Additionally, there is also a 'note' feature on the picture to try out where you can actually leave a note about an 'area' or areas of the picture - this is intended to mark members or known people in your pictures like tagging them on Facebook. When you mouseover the boxes in a noted picture, you'll see what the note is.

If you are not in the groups right now to be able to upload your own pictures and/or create your own picture gallery I hope you get there soon using any of the convenient options above.

If you think you should be in one of the groups, but you are not, please PM me or Contact me and let me know. Some of the changes will happen on their own such as when you reach 100 posts, but some assignment has to be made manually for now such as volunteers, donations and affiliate purchases. If you aren't presently eligible but have made a purchase through one of our sponsor advertisers, that can also earn you eligibility. Just PM to me the date of purchase and a brief summary of who you purchased from.

Please consider the Image Gallery a service worth a little extra effort on your part to help keep our website growing. We can't continue to grow without your participation and support.

Note: When uploading a new picture through MyImages, pick the Category first before you fill out any fields including title.

After you pick the correct category, then fill out title and everything else.

If going through a category to upload a picture, if you decide to change the category, do that first before you fill out other fields so you don't lose those entries. The web page is reloaded when the category is chosen or changes.


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