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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true};  got to the lake on saturday at 6.00 am and got in line out on the road and started to get ready to launch my non bassboat.
  3 tourney anglers in their "bass" boats pulled in behind me and so i thought "they'll wait". man , was i wrong they pulled right out and went to the front of the line.
 just because your'e in a tourney does that give you the right to cut in line like that? that's a bunch of whooey and i'm being nice.
 the guy i talked said who they were with but i won't mention their club name. gives a bad name to bass fishereman just cause you have a $40.000 rig does that give you special rights?
 just ruined a good day with my brother. thanks for listening..karol

Sorry to hear about that. You are right that it is not all bass fisherman, but it seems to me when people are in a tournament it brings out the worst in them and gives them some kind of self-importance. It's one of the reasons that I now avoid tournaments.

Being in a tournament doesn't give anyone the right to launch ahead of anyone else...
Were you still preparing your boat to launch or were you ready to dump it in...sometimes if I am in line and someone is just getting started taking off their tie downs and loading their rods I will jump ahead because I can get dropped in before they finish getting set to launch...Not so much fisherman but recreational boaters....I have sat in line waiting for someone's wife to go to the bathroom while her husband loads coolers, water ski's tubes or whatever....By the time they got their boat in the water I could have launched and had 3 fish in the livewell...It really slows things up if boaters don't have their rigs ready to launch other than transom ties and Winch strap before they get in line...And then it should only take a few seconds to get the straps off...
If you were ready to go then they have no excuse. I wouldn't let something like that ruin your day....I have seen our club allow locals to cut in line so they can launch without waiting on us....

Performance Tuned:
It all depends on what you were doing in line. If you were loading your boat and tackle and all other good stuff that people do at the ramp then, yes, they have the right to jump in front of you. Preparing your boat for launch should be done in a parking space in the parking lot, then drive to the ramp.

Bass boats with two people can be launched in seconds. Nothing worse than watching the guy in the tin master 4,000 try to launch/load his boat and has no clue what hes doing and take up a half an hour of someone else's time.

I know that sounds bad but we're all thinking it at the ramp when it happens regardless of what everyone says.

 all i was doing was taking off my transom saver and my straps and the front winch strap. ready to launch, the did launch quickly but still could've waited, they forget we didn't all start out in rangers and skeeters and intimidators,today was even worse with all the rec boaters who did not start their boat at home or get it serviced before today. the ramp is not the place to do that.. sorry, i'll let you guys go now..karol


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