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bait fish and craws


var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Anybody know of any books that cover bait fish and their patterns thoughout the year. A  book about crawdads would be helpful also. Have not done any searching yet figured somebody might have read something.

I'm not sure this is exactly what you're looking for but it is worth checking out.
I have the book "Great Lakes Fishes". by Gerald R. Smith.  It's a pretty good book.  I got my copy from Kim Stricker when he was at the Wonderland Spring event a year ago. 

I believe that the author is the "professor" that Kim interviews on Hook N' Look.  Some of the photos in the book were taken by Kim and Danny Stricker.


I found this website helpful with crayfish patterns:

I've also used the Great Lakes Fishes book that fiker mentioned.  Good read.



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