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Title: Yamaha V-Max Help
Post by: Duke on May 16, 2006, 01:31:39 PM
I'm looking for advice.
I have a 150 Yamaha V-Max fuel injection that is having a hard time starting. I also have a hotfoot. This is whats happening: At times, I will turn the key to crank up the motor and its seems to be turning but will not spark up; however, if I apply gas with the hotfoot it will fire up. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries, but I've always been able to get it fired up after a few tries. It does not do this all of the time. The first time starting it up for the day it always fires right up and somedays it only does this once a day. But I'm concerned I'm going to be somewhere and it start. I have had this motor for 5 years and it has never done this before. I replaced the spark plugs and that did not fix the problem. 
Anyone know what might be the problem? I appreciate any ideas to try. I want to avoid the marina as I know it will take a few weeks to get it back during this time of year.

Title: Re: Yamaha V-Max Help
Post by: djkimmel on May 16, 2006, 09:15:30 PM
Check the linkage under the cover for the throttle cable from the hotfoot. It might be loose. Not real likely, but this is somewhat similar to a problem I saw a while back where a nut had come loose on the throttle cable. It normally would make it hard to start all the time, or over or underthrottle, but just to be sure.

Next, check your ignition wire harness from behind the key on back past the hotfoot for breaks, loose connections and bare/rubbed wires - especially if the wires lay over any of the steering system or other metal. This could cause an intermittent short that will only get worse. You might not get spark at the plugs if certain wires are shorting out.

Check the kill switch for loose, rubbed or broken wires. A bad kill switch might also cause what you describe.

It is more likely wiring related than actually a problem in the motor. These are all the ideas I have from problems I've seen on various motors with various anglers in the past.

Giving it gas with the hotfoot may or may not be related, but if it isn't one of the problems above, someone more mechanically inclined with the actual motor than me is needed. If I think of anything else, I'll add it here.
Title: Re: Yamaha V-Max Help
Post by: canvsbk on May 17, 2006, 06:06:14 AM
When you turn on the ignition key do you here the fuel pump engage the charge rails? First thing I would check are the fuel filters.
Good luck, sounds like a problem that could wear on your mind ???
Title: Re: Yamaha V-Max Help
Post by: djkimmel on May 17, 2006, 12:53:19 PM
I have to learn more technical stuff about the motors. I hate wasting time and hate it even more if I suggest something that wastes someone else's time. Thanks canvsbk