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Title: detroit river/erie 7/12
Post by: bassman843 on July 12, 2009, 07:27:34 PM
I tried fishing out there today no smallies.few taps a couple of white bass follows on a tube.I don't know alot about fishing out by the river mouth tried mostly by the dumping grounds heard that spot can be pretty good no luck can any body help me with any info on fishing these areas I know the basics about driving around and trying to find rock piles but seems like I am always driving around looking at the same thing on the depth finder.thanks
Title: Re: detroit river/erie 7/12
Post by: River Rat on July 13, 2009, 02:13:05 PM
Can't help you with the mouth, per se, but on a day like yesterday I stayed in the river.  My wife and I came out of the shipping channel made the turn to head east into Erie and said "no thanks."  I made a u-turn and headed back for easier fishing.  I pulled a nice mixed bag of green and brown bass in one 50yd stretch, back and forth in 1.5hrs.

Not trying to be too vague but targeting the rip-rap walls on the outside of the channel can get you some fish.  Cruise the walls and look for boulders, they are quite often next to a drop and some weeds, work those "holes".  You will also find spots where the base of the wall has a little point with a ledge, hit that.  There are boulders and weed patches all over the many flats.  Got a Canadian license?  Fish their islands, sea walls, and flats.

Sorry it's not exactly what you were looking for but I hope it helps another day get you some fish when it all else fails.

Forgot something, sorry: I used to do "ok" (I guess) cruising/drifting on the flats off of Pt Mouillee.  Just remember to check your depth since they move...