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Title: Saint Clair Report
Post by: Rangerman on October 07, 2021, 10:11:24 AM
Oct 3 arrived with overcast skies and light wind fished from shallow early am out to 16' with swim baits, tubes, Neds and Drop shots.  Very little action only 4 bass for two us in about 8.5 '  plus on Hugh Drum at 11.4 lb. Monday the 4th same overcast and some wind only 4 bass 2 yellow perch about 10',  Tuesday we did not fish due to having so much fun for Sunday and Monday :)  Back out again at the crack of dawn to 4:30 and we got 6 bass.  We having fun yet??  Checked the weather and another day of overcast and East wind.  Packed out mess and head back to NC with our tail and boat in tow 8)  Not our best trip.  Love the lake but never again in the Fall.  Told my buddies if I get up a crew to come again just hit me the the head with a ball bat take $700 for my wallet and will thank them and save 12 driving each way.  "I'll be back in the Spring" for sure look at two or more times.  You just can not fight Mother Nature and No Sun plus East Wind.