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Title: Sody is Fishing FLW Lake St.Clair as co angler
Post by: SODY on June 19, 2018, 07:40:11 PM
OK so at this point I can't think of anything else. Fishing two majors this year and doing some #reelfun fishing appearances.

I'm fishing St.Clair the 27th as a co-angler and can't wait, I plan on using the old Dan trick / technique of eating a sandwich catch a fish, snack catch a fish , bathroom break fish so if I eat two sandwiches, go twice and eat a snack I should have 24 lbs by quitting time each day. That's the plan!

Seriously I'm pulling out all the stops and using some of my tubes , Capt Waynes tubes, some new neds, drop shots and all the other goodies. Think of me and I will post the results and stories from the war zone