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Title: PLEASE READ - Forum Rules, Site Terms of Service
Post by: djkimmel on December 16, 2005, 12:56:39 AM
Updated 1/11/2010 (clarifications): Just to make sure this site is enjoyable and useful for everyone with a minimum of misunderstandings, I've posted a few rules here. The rules simply ask for respect and good manners. You can disagree with people and still be friendly if you follow these. By posting to any part of these forums, you agree to abide by these rules and the statement you agreed to when you registered on this forum.

Please feel free to ask questions or for clarification here if necessary. Email admin - using the Contact Us page ( - if you need some other assistance.

Rule 1

Please no obscene, racist, sexually explicit or other harmful/hateful language or images. Consider this a PG-13 site - no swear words allowed. Kids are reading this site. Admin reserves the right to remove posts that defame or insult anyone, or are abusive, hateful or offensive to participants, or for any or no reason as it feels is necessary. Please no harassing notes or posts. Admin also reserves the right to remove notes that are off the subject or not in English. If you see a post or receive a private message that you feel violates any of these rules, please notify by clicking the 'Report to moderator' link on the actual post, or contact admin using the Contact Us page ( and admin will review it as soon as possible.

Rule 2
Please no solicitations or advertisements unless approved by first - visit the advertising page ( for more information. wants this board and web site to be useful and productive. You may mention products and companies as long as it fits the contents of the thread you're posting in. reserves the right to promote sponsors and products as best serves them. reserves the right to remove or edit posts that feels harms personal or web site sponsors without notice or warning. Links are normally okay in your signature although reserves the right on which ones to allow. will not allow links to any gambling or pornography sites or any illegal activity or sites they may reflect poorly on Please no graphics in your signatures unless you receive direct permission ( first from Forum member signature graphics will usually be reserved for sponsors.

Rule 3
You may not suggest or encourage illegal activity. If that occurs, the post will be removed and necessary steps to resolve the situation will be taken.

Rule 4a has a For Sale area on the forum for personal items only. If you have something you want to sell that is fishing or outdoor-related, post there. This is not for products you make to sell as a business, whether personal or a legal/registered company - any product you name or make multiple copies to sell. You can give away things if you want that fit the nature of these forums under the contests area, but please contact first for approval, especially if you are doing it to promote a product you make or sell - pm contest or email contest 'at' greatlakesbass 'dot' com.

Rule 4b
You can post questions about and experiences with products, but please 1) no posting false messages to artificially build interest in a product you sell or represent - PM djkimmel or contact us ( before posting if you are in doubt; and 2) please no personal vendettas against a company, product, tournament circuit or individual. 'Anonymous' slams aren't enjoyed by many readers. Please handle any differences or issues with a company/circuit/person privately and directly off Burning bridges in this small industry by trying to air dirty laundry publicly is a bad idea. The rest of us will have no way of knowing the full story, and there are always two sides. will remove posts that serve no other purpose solely in our opinion.

Rule 5
Please don't post any images, video, audio or text you don't have copyright ownership of. Articles, news, or graphics may be posted if you have express written consent from the copyright holder. You may be asked to provide consent before posting. It's generally best to post a link to the original location of the item. Dan Kimmel and are not responsible for infringements due to others' behavior. Questionable posts where copyright is not clear will be removed.

Rule 6
You must respect the privacy of others. This means no posting phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers or any other private information unless approved by that individual in the case of contact information. Anything you post on an Internet forum will be seen and captured by persons from all over the world.

Rule 7
Practice good on-line etiquette. Please don't post the same note more than once or on multiple boards. Before starting a new thread, try to see if the topic you want to start already exists. Use the search tool ( if you need to.

Rule 8
You participate at your own risk on this forum and web site. You take responsibility for postings under your identification. Do not allow anyone else to use your member account. Please maintain a quality, hard to guess, password. and myself take no responsibility for the content or opinions posted here. reserves the right to remove any postings, although is not required to do so.

Understand please that the email activation is an important part of ensuring decent and credible persons become eligible to participate on this forum. No information that you do not give permission to will be provided to any other member of this forum. Your personal contact information will not be provided to any outside parties without your express permission unless we are required to do so by legal action. Just because something is not explicitly mentioned in these rules does not exclude it from being considered. Interpretation of these rules is up to Please read the Privacy policy here (

Dan Kimmel aka djkimmel owner
Title: Re: PLEASE READ - Forum Rules, Site Terms of Service
Post by: djkimmel on November 22, 2012, 08:05:05 PM
Please review the No Links ( policy too. Sorry for any convenience but in rare instances, business requirements trump convenience a little. Thanks.
Title: Re: PLEASE READ - Forum Rules, Site Terms of Service
Post by: Frank on November 24, 2012, 12:53:51 PM
I read them all.  I think I have to report someone.  A person I meet through glb was in my boat and used a bad word.  I'm going to warn them first, but if it happens again....
Title: Re: PLEASE READ - Forum Rules, Site Terms of Service
Post by: djkimmel on November 25, 2012, 10:16:36 PM
Unfortunately (or fortunately, not sure for you...?!?) these rules do not extend to your boat. You will have to write up your own rules and provide them to your boat partners. Then... you can start warning people. Or whatever your rules state you will or should do.