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Title: Update on MLSC LSC May 15 bass fishing outing
Post by: djkimmel on April 21, 2017, 02:47:09 PM
We are still working to finalize the boat ramp plans and get a lunch provider/location nearby for our Monday, May 15 Michigan Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus Lake St. Clair bass fishing outing. Here’s an update on tentative plans and date/time so far for you boater volunteers. Thank you so much for volunteering and I hope you are still able to be there as the interest for this year’s event is way up from previous years.

When:   Monday, May 15, 2017
Time:   Please arrive between 8-8:20am – We fish as soon as we launch (between 8:45am-9am after a short meeting and boater – angler match up) until 12 noon when everyone is expected back in.
Boat Launch:   9 Mile Road boat ramp – tentative assuming final approval by City of Saint Clair Shores; the City is considering waving the launch fee for our event – I will send out an update on that once I hear back
Fishing:   Will be catch and release only, of course – all anglers will be reminded to have a Michigan fishing license;
   Boater volunteers are asked to provide some basic fishing gear (rods/reels) and lures as most anglers will not have their own gear and tackle;
   Please have 1 or 2 additional life jackets available if at all possible as most anglers will not have their own
   Expect that you will be hosting someone who has little or no Lake St. Clair experience so they may want/need assistance with techniques and catching bass
Lunch:   Starts between 12:30pm – 1pm depending on location (to be determined yet) and how soon everyone gets back on their trailers - lunch is covered by the event sponsoring parties

Hopefully, the anglers will bring their own beverages for the morning if they want any. They will be reminded to do so. If you have some extra water available that might be nice. Thank you. They will be reminded to bring some type of rain gear also. Hopefully, they remember to do so, and may we be lucky to not need it for wind or rain.

It will be very hard to contact all the boater volunteers and various anglers/participants just before the event so I plan on being there in the morning unless we have to cancel more than 1 day before the event for some major reason. My cell phone is below in case you have questions or are unsure about the event. I’m counting on everyone being there, especially all the boater volunteers if the event has not been canceled some days before. We will not go out in actual thunder storms but will consider all other issues at the boat ramp that morning.

So far we have 19 State Senators and Representatives signed up with several more very possible. We have another approximately 15 VIPs and others signed up including 1 Natural Resources Commissioner, 8 MDNR staff including the Deputy Director, Fisheries Chief and Assistant Chief and the Legislative Director, 3 media persons, at least one MUCC representative and possibly 1 or 2 persons from the City of Saint Clair along with myself (I probably won’t be a boater there). Counting boater volunteers and known/expected anglers so far we are probably at 70 participants.

Expect another update soon. Please email me back or call me with questions, comments or issues.

Dan Kimmel
Conservation Director
The Bass Federation of Michigan and Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation