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Title: Lions tickets for 35 yrs. - i'm done
Post by: detroit1 on February 27, 2016, 06:36:46 PM
I've had season tickets for the Lions for 35 years (yeah, i'm the one) but not again. Another price increase (3rd in last 6 years) and I gave them up Friday. In 1981 my mom gave me 1 season ticket to go to the games with 2 of my friends who got season tickets in 1980. I had a blast. 1 season ticket in the end zone, lower level, cost $100. After 4 years we moved to the front row, 6 yd. line. Pretty boring thru the yrs. until Barry came along. Electrfying ! Even though the Lions couldn't get it done, the Barr-eee chants were fun. Fast forward to  the move to Detroit, with a beautiful new stadium, and new season ticket holders around me. Front row, sec. 111 (endzone corner) cost 650 I think. 2016 tickets for that seat is now $880 (1760 with my wife), which is about $100 per seat more than last year. I won't do this anymore. The nerve they have to increase ticket prices for THIS team is ridiculous. I'll miss "rhino's "get ya some Bell", Dale's new jersey, the gal in the next section over yelling "throw it to Calvin", Hangman just around the corner, the guy across the aisle (who comes up from ohio ) , the guy 2 rows behind me that has a friend on the Vikings, I could go on. I'll get used to watching all the games on tv, but it's the people I will miss the most. That's life. It's all about people.....
Title: Re: Lions tickets for 35 yrs. - i'm done
Post by: djkimmel on March 24, 2016, 12:34:17 PM
Sorry to hear about your forced decision but I can understand it. You should get a year free or something for being loyal that long...