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Title: Online Petition if you support More Michigan Bass Fishing
Post by: djkimmel on February 22, 2015, 04:25:44 PM
If you haven't helped out yet or if you care just a little bit... go to

and sign the online petition urging the Michigan Natural Resources Commission to vote for Option 4.

Some people think it's a done deal but the reality is a strong majority supports Option 4 and we need to remind them a few more times of that fact considering the science is also on our site - the MDNR Fisheries Division said ALL 4 options that went through the process represent minimal risk to Michigan bass populations - so why aren't we choosing the option that provides the most bass fishing opportunity to the most anglers? Good question.

The list of names and link to this online petition will be provided to the NRC Commissioners and the MDNR Director to push them to do just that. So please go to the link and sign our online petition. Share it with your fishing friends, family, anyone who cares a little about scientific management of our fish and wildlife. Thank you.