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Title: Conservation Coalition turns in 374,000 plus petition signatures
Post by: djkimmel on May 27, 2014, 10:38:13 PM
The Conservation Coalition led by MUCC and 50 other outdoors fishing and hunting groups turned in 374,000 plus Michigan voter signatures to the Michigan Secretary of State this week to kick off our citizen's initiative Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act! That over 100,000 more signatures than necessary!

This should send a clear message that the people of Michigan want the same thing now that 63% voted for with Proposal G way back in 1996 - fish and wildlife management using sound science through the Natural Resources Commission, not at the whims of anti-hunting, anti-fishing and radical animal rights groups and the referendums their out-of-state millions of dollars can buy.

Tomorrow is Lobby Day at the Capitol in Lansing where representatives of some of the hunting and fishing groups will be meeting with state representatives and senators to kick off the movement to get the Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act into the chambers and on its way to the Governor to ensure Michigan's important fish and game continue to be managed using sound science not radical animal rights groups misleading lies and false marketing.

I will be at the Capitol in the morning to meet with several state reps and a couple senator's staffs representing Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation to make sure they know anglers support CPWM (Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management - ). Please stay tuned. We need this for the bass season too!