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Title: SCS Mile Road Perch
Post by: mjm6 on March 02, 2007, 01:24:13 PM
Perch have been strong thru past weekend (much more spread out Monday and Tuesday), jig green bead and wax worm have been outperforming minnows. Bite has been best in the AM and turns dead at noon -- many small fish, but have had up to 25,  8-10 inchers in 2 hours. Had to move around a lot, perch at both surface and bottom. Some sun seems to bring on the bite. Water has been clear and its easy to spot the fish.
About 20% of the cleaned fish were spawned out -- so there should still be more action to come.
Ice depth is starting to change with 10-18 inch varying thickness (thicker ice near shore), east wind has pushed up some big breaks.
Look for ice to weaken as this warmer weather continues and start to turn, already blue in localized areas. Also further South along Jefferson there is a lot of open water.