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Title: MonsterQuest VIII 6/22/13 RESULTS
Post by: Mini on June 25, 2013, 12:56:17 PM
Mosterquest VIII 6/22/13 RESULTS

88 paid entries with 90 boats participating in an unprecedented event out of the 9 Mile City Ramp of Saint Clair Shores. This event would not have been possible without the support of:

The City of Saint Clair Shores Parks and Recreation Department - Greg Essler
Anthony Morrocco
Fishbones - Saint Clair Shores
Leo's Coney Island - Saint Clair Shores
along with many many others, thank you very much!!!!

This event paid back over 125% CASH PAYBACK AT THE RAMP!

The top finishers were:

1st Place - Jeff Cox and Matt Belletini     21lbs 8ozs
2nd Place - Skip Johnson fishing alone      20lbs 6ozs
3rd Place - Mark Modrak and Don McCulla     19lbs 13ozs
4th Place - Tom Beale and Bill Wood         19lbs 13ozs
5th Place - John Zubkoff and Dave Hasty     19lbs 11ozs
6th Place - Ron Spitler and John Reiland    19lbs 6ozs
7th Place - Mike Webber and Mark Smith      19lbs 4ozs
8th Place - Dan Mason and Jeff Gibson       18lbs 13ozs (tiebreaker big bass)
9th Place - Heath Wagner and Leonard Myers  18lbs 13ozs
10th Place - Matt Morgan and Nick Neves     18lbs 2ozs
11th Place - John Robiadek and Jim Clauser  17lbs 14ozs
12th Place - Mike Trombley and Chris Wicks  17lbs 13ozs

1st Big Bass - Jeff Cox and Matt Belletini  5lbs 5ozs
2nd Big Bass - Dan Mason and Jeff Gibson    5lbs 3ozs
3rd Big Bass - Mike Webber and Mark Smith   4lbs 15ozs

With the exception of a few hiccups in the morning logistically, everything went smoothly for the first ever large scale tournament going out of this ramp. But once the day got going I am certain that the anglers enjoyed everything about the tournament. There were shuttle golf carts, sandwiches for lunch available and a awesome dinner provided to the teams once they weighed-in their fish.

I for one want to say THANK YOU to the anglers for their patience at the ramp in the morning. There was a slight learning curve to get things done orderly and it was accomplished. We will be improving for the next event. We will be back as the City has committed to MonsterQuest for another 3 years!!!! That was due in a large part by the support of the anglers attending the event and the spectators that showed up for the free hot dog and raffle.

Dont forget the Cash for Bass Tour starts THIS Saturday June 29th at Harley Ensign. See you at 5:00am for registration.

There are also two Thursday Night events going on. One on St Clair and one on Union Lake. Check Facebook Events for details!!!!

Pictures will be posted on the Cash for Bass Facebook page soon!
Title: Re: MonsterQuest VIII 6/22/13 RESULTS
Post by: djkimmel on June 25, 2013, 04:30:09 PM
Wow! I didn't understand that they committed to 3 MORE years!! I really like to see this kind of involvement. It sends a message (my personal interest for helping a longtime challenge). It is really good to see people partnering together to do something many people can enjoy, while building interest in bass fishing, fishing, Lake St. Clair and boosting our very important natural resources economy!! Great job people!!

And thanks for posting the results and information on here Mini! Why didn't you guys get this posted Saturday within 30 minutes of the weigh in?!? ;D Just kidding of course. This is actually pretty fast for all volunteers, I just enjoyed reading the posts on the other site. Still don't know why people want to run tournaments but I'm glad they do and say thank you.
Title: Re: MonsterQuest VIII 6/22/13 RESULTS
Post by: Mini on June 26, 2013, 09:19:42 AM
The best one was the guy that asked at 6:07pm the day of. The money was still being passed out @ the event!

We will keep you informed Dan. As always you are welcome to any or all of our events. Maybe even get that camera guy to fish one or two with you :)

You can always do the Thursday evening ones so you dont have to get up early :)
Title: Re: MonsterQuest VIII 6/22/13 RESULTS
Post by: djkimmel on June 27, 2013, 04:21:58 PM
I'm not too much for donating but I do have someone working on a story for the event as a follow up. Thanks!!