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Title: Cash for Bass Thursday 6/20/13 RESULTS
Post by: Mini on June 25, 2013, 12:20:54 PM
Cash for Bass Thursday St Clair week #1 (6/20/13)

We had 13 boats participate and the weather cooperated nicely. We fished from slightly before 6pm until 9pm and a good time was had by all. We did have one team call me prior to weigh-in to inform that they would not be making it back to the ramp. I appreciate the call from Matt CUnningham. Hopefully it was nothing serious with your boat. They got a ride back to Harley and got their trailer to pick up the boat at Crocker.

1st Place - Tom Beale Alone 16.78lbs with a 4.20 Big Bass
2nd Place - Wieck Martin 12.43lbs

We voted for the additional week for a championship so the entry fees from boats 11 & 12 went directly into that fund (minus director fees). $90 is in the fund after the first week. If anyone needs further explaination on how or why please ask me before or after the next event which is this Thursday at Harley Ensign. Registration begins at 5:00pm, meeting at 5:30pm, launch at 6:00pm (or earlier).

REMEMBER NO POWERLOADING!!! IF I SEE YOU....I DQ YOU! Great job last week too guys....not one complaint.