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Title: 4 Large Mouth Bass Mounts 12,11,10,9 lbs
Post by: donbntc on May 17, 2012, 07:50:59 AM
I have 4 largemouth bass Mounts for sale , they are real mounts not reproductions, caught by me over the years . they are in perfect condition largest is 12 lb 4oz
then 11 3/4 lb , then 10lb 14oz and finally a 9lb 8oz . They range from 27 to 29 in long

I have NO intrest in splitting these fish up ...I will only sell as a group .
I live in traverse city and will not ship these but can meet someone within 20 miles of my home or so if they are interested. The quality of these mounts speak for themselves.
Here is a link to my photobucket for pictures ..or e mail me and I can send you them
$500 e mail
my home number is 231-392-5459 and or drop me a note here.
Title: Re: 4 Large Mouth Bass Mounts 12,11,10,9 lbs
Post by: Mike S. on May 29, 2012, 05:23:04 PM
They look like very nice mounts. Surprising that you would want to sell trophies like those. I'm guessing they were caught down south?
Post by: donbntc on May 31, 2012, 04:27:25 PM
Thanks , they really are gorgeus mounts in perfect condition. And yes there from orange lake florida ,,,about 15 miles south of gainesville ..what used to be one of the better bass lakes in florida. I lived there for 25 years on the lake lol. I have quite a few more and these are the ones I can get rid of now ...not to sound like a whiner but Lantis Insulin pens cost 225 for 5 of them for my wife  etc ..I am sure youve heard the drill its rough everywhere . NEW PRICE NEW DEAL  I WILL ADD ANOTHER 10LB FEW OUNCES BASS MOUNT THAT IS EXACTLY LIKE THE OTHERS IN THE PICTURE AND LOWER THE PRICE FOR ALL 5 FISH TO 475$   Call me anytime    231-392-5459
thyanks for the interest