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Title: Bassmaster blog ' Snake in Boat "
Post by: dartag on June 18, 2011, 04:42:12 PM
reading todays blog before heading to a grad party.  I think that is all I do on the weekends now.  Found this entry. 

12:11 p.m.

Trip Weldon just called with even more drama taking place on the water. Yusuki Myasaki who is currently in 45th place in our standings is having "one of those days."

He's not caught much in terms of bass, but a few minutes ago, according to his Marhsal, who called Trip, a "6 or 7-foot snake crawled into the boat."

That snake made it across the Marshal's arm (how does that happen?) into the floor and under the console and is now out of sight.

Neithe Marhsal or angler can find it. Trip had to give the okay for the Marshal to stay on the front deck until it departs the boat. Meanwhile, the water patrol is on their way.

They are looking for a boat with a Diawa warp all over and two folks standing in the front scared out of their wits, one of which speaks very little English and may be cussing in a foriegn language.

--Steve Bowman

Oh and KVD has the AOY wrapped up.  GO figure.....