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Title: Please Welcome to
Post by: djkimmel on June 04, 2011, 04:05:31 AM is always happy to bring you valuable services from excellent companies. ( brings a lot to the table for members and visitors. Need a new or used boat, PWC or RV loan? ( can help you with that. Need to protect your boat, PWC or RV with an extended warranty? ( has you covered.

If you just have questions about these topics, you can ask them here on the new Boat Loans 101 ( or Extended Warranties 101 ( forum message boards, or contact ( through their website or email

Here's a little about (Trinity Sales & Marketing Inc):
We are three guys with the same basic interest, fishing, hunting and being outdoors.  Our over 55 years of history in the boat business includes, retail, wholesale and finance.  Over the years we have seen too many guys and gals not get the boat they wanted because of financing.  We do not have a magic wand but will work hard to get you on the water.  WE ARE NOT BANKERS, but we have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.  We also handle extended warranties and some are available for boats you already own. 
We look forward to serving you,
Ken, Todd & Chris.

( (