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The Bass Boys TBF State Championship Entry Page

The Bass Boys TBF State Championship Info

You must be a fully paid member of The Bass Boys (TBB) to fish the TBF of Michigan State Championship. If you have not already paid your Bass Boys dues (includes TBF of Michigan, TBF Inc and FLW membership) for this season, please visit The Bass Boys Home page first to pay your dues. Your state championship entry cannot be accepted until your annual membership is registered. If you join The Bass Boys after 12/31/2018, you may need to sign up two persons as a boater / nonboater pair both fishing the state championship to guaranty your chance to fish. We have to send an even number of boaters and non-boaters on our club team roster. Non-paired anglers are matched up in the order they paid club dues with no guaranty you will get to fish.1

The 2019 TBF of Michigan State Championship is Sunday, July 14 on Lake St. Clair. Launch site Harley Ensign BAS. Entry fee $125-boater and $75-co-angler (subject to change). TBF Entry fee deadline July 8. Please read this page carefully for your Bass Boys deadlines for available payment options.

NOTE: ONLY TBF of Michigan members can advance to the National Semi-final! 10% of the entry will be used to offset event costs. The rest will be held back to put towards the entry fees and some expenses for the anglers who qualify for the National Semi-final.

Mail-in Payment Method

To pay your TBF of MI State Championship entry by mail, send a check or money order for $125.00 or $75.00 made out to TBF of MI Inc postmarked by June 30.

Please do NOT make the check out to The Bass Boys or Dan Kimmel. For your convenience and an additional processing fee, you may prefer to use the optional online payment method to the right. After July 3 (postmarked), mailed entries cannot be accepted. You will have to use the online method to the right.

Please provide all the following Required Info:
Your Name
Your Street Address
Your City State Zip
Your Phone Number
Your FLW Member#
Your Email Address
Your Boater/Nonboater Preference1
Your shirt size

Mail Check made out to TBF of MI Inc & Required Info to:
Dan Kimmel
PO Box 27424
Lansing MI 48909

The 2019 TBF of Michigan state championship qualifies for the 2019 TBF National Semi-final in Michigan September 7-8, 2019 on the Lower Detroit River (Elizabeth Park).
Entry for the 2019 TBF of Michigan State Championship is $125.00 for boaters and $75.00 for co-anglers (subject to change). TBF State Championship entry deadline July 8. The Bass Boys has to send an equal number of boaters and non-boaters. The Bass Boys can't guaranty members entering individually will get to fish - we'll match you up in the order you paid dues for this year assuming we have BOTH boaters and co-anglers available (we've been short co-anglers the past 3 seasons).

Optional Online Payment Method

You may conveniently pay your TBF state championship entry fee online for $130.00 boater or $78.00 co-angler (includes a $3 or $5.00 online payment fee) by using a PayPal account and/or a major credit card through the store.

Click on the 'Pay Now' button below to pay online. I can only accept online payment through July 7, 2019 (may move earlier) for the TBF state championship tournament entry. You will not be able to enter this year's event through The Bass Boys after the above date. Please use the contact information below if you have questions or any issues with the payment process. For your own protection, please do not wait until the last minute to pay your entry.

Choose Boater or Co-Angler
Provide FLW Outdoors Number

You will receive confirmation of payment by email as soon as it is processed.

If you miss anything from the required info list, please follow up with a call to 810-433-BASS (2277) or email:

1 To be guaranteed, boaters and nonboaters will need to join The Bass Boys together and both fish the TBF of Michigan State Championship. We are matching unpaired boaters to nonboaters in the order each pays dues for the club for this season. We cannot guaranty we will find a matching boater or non-boater for everyone who does not sign up together as a boater / nonboater pair. If we get further down the boater / nonboater list and are unable to find a match for you, you will be contacted if there are other options, or you will get your entry fee returned minus the $5.00 fee. If you cannot join as a pair that will both fish, then you will want to join The Bass Boys as early as possible to improve your chances. No Guarantees!

About The Bass Boys and TBF of Michigan

The Bass Federation of Michigan (TBF of MI) is the independent affiliate from Michigan to The Bass Federation (TBF), a membership-owned company partnered with FLW.

TBF of MI is incorporated in the State of Michigan.

The Bass Boys is a Lansing-based TBF-affiliated TBF of Michigan bass club open to any member interested in bass fishing, youth and conservation.

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