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“True originality lies not in saying what has never been said, but in saying what you have to say.”
-Source Unknown

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Louie Stout: A Deal in Hope

New Additions
Louie’s largest smallmouth to date is a 6-14 beast taken from Burt Lake in Northern Michigan caught on a Strike King tube in 3’ of water in the fall of 2008Louie Stout: A Deal in Hope by Andrew (Duke) Buss  -  May 5, 2009
Anyone else tired of disappointment? We're blasted with it everyday. We live in a time where professional athletes are linked to steroids, celebrities make headlines for breaking the law, and our political leaders fight with each other instead of coming up with solutions. In today's world, it's hard to have faith in our leaders.

Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “A leader is a deal in hope.” And today, I am especially glad to know Louie Stout.

Ron Fabiszak is a champion co-angler with three FLW Outdoors wins in three years
Winning From the Back – Success as a Co-Angler by Andrew Buss (Duke)  -  April 4, 2009
“Hey, you need to sit down and relax a bit.” Ron Fabiszak of South Bend, IN has heard these words on more than one occasion while fishing as a co-angler in FLW events. He explains, “A pro can’t tell the co-angler to quit fishing, but that’s what he meant.” Surprisingly this has happened more than once.

Jonathan VanDam JVD Kalamazoo Michigan professional bass angler talks about his 3rd place finish at the Bass Florida open and moreI am JVD by Andrew (Duke) Buss  -  June 27, 2008
Any look into sports history tells us that following a legend is a challenging, if not impossible endeavor. Whether following a coach like Bob Knight or athlete like Michael Jordan, there are more examples of failures than success. These circumstances typically create unrealistic expectations and mountainous pressure which can consume a mere mortal. For some, though, there is no other option. consider Jonathan VanDam...

How-to / General Topics
Angola, IN resident, Heath Wagner, poses with 2 huge crappie caught using a King Noodler rod. Wagner chases all species of panfish with noodle rods.Noodles & Fish: The Perfect Recipe - Improve your ice fishing
with this hot technique!
By Andrew Buss (Duke)  -  October 14, 2007

On the frozen waters of Northeast Indiana, there’s a quiet buzz getting louder. It’s putting ice anglers in a trance causing them to follow others around in a stupor of what they’re witnessing: the noodle rod. Jack Cook, creator of King Noodler noodle rods, explains, “Every year, on multiple occasions, I have people following me around the lake trying to figure out what I’m doing.”

Drop Shot Hooks Angler by Andrew Buss  (Duke)  -  November 13, 2006
Drop shot advice you might just want to follow from the author with the help of a couple GreatLakesBass.com members who's expertise you will not doubt!

Larry Dekker Huge Fall Backwater Largemouth Bass Building a Quality Bass Boat by Dan Kimmel
Knowledgeable shopping will save you money and time. Here's a multi-page article and pictorial coverage the entire process of making the boats many of us know and love. Based on my tours of the Ranger Boats complex in Flippin AR, lots of details on just what goes into making a performance bass rig.

Tournament Strategy & Resource Topics
Mickey Thomas weighs in fish during the B.A.S.S. Southern Open on Alabama’s Wheeler Lake.Professional Debut Part 3: Season in Review by Andrew Buss (Duke)  -  April 6, 2008
After a disappointing finish in the 2007 B.A.S.S. Southern Opens, Edwardsburg, MI angler Mickey Thomas is hungry and confident he’ll show measurable progress in 2008.

During the 2007 Fishing with the Pro’s event, which raises money for under-privileged children, Thomas operated the Hawg Tank. Thomas prompted several children to participate and catch fish from the tank.Professional Debut Part 2: Patience! The Key to Becoming an Elite Angler & More By Andrew Buss (Duke)  -  October 11, 2007
How do you become a professional fishermen? “Patience! Patience! Patience!” is the answer 34 year-old professional angler Mickey Thomas of Edwardsburg, Michigan offers. The 2007 season saw Thomas launch his professional debut on the Southern B.A.S.S. Open Tour; however, his journey to this level began over 22 years ago.

How to Attain Local Sponsors By Cyrus F Ruel (cfruel)  -  September 5, 2007
Attracting and signing local non-endemic sponsors is a great way to generate income for your tournament fishing. When I refer to local non-endemic sponsors I am referring to the non-fishing products and services that you use every day.

Mickey Thomas Pro Bass Fishing Debut Florida Kissimmee Chain BASSProfessional Debut: Mickey Thomas of Edwardsburg Michigan Tackles
Professional Bass Fishing, Part 1
By Andrew Buss (Duke)  -  June 1, 2007

Few of us get to fulfill childhood dreams of playing Major League Baseball or fishing professionally... a new source of inspiration is Mickey Thomas of Edwardsburg, Michigan making his professional debut in the B.A.S.S. Southern Open on the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes this past March 2007.

Wayne Carpenter FISH Combat Fishing Xtreme Bass Tackle Looking for SponsorshipLooking For Sponsorship? by Wayne Carpenter, Owner - Combat Fishing  -  April 3, 2007
Valuable advice from an industry insider and business owner who manages a successful pro bass angler staff. “Over the years, I’ve been able to help many anglers to expand on their opportunities. If you are looking to be sponsored, there may be something in this article for you.”

Bass Tournament Tips for Co-Anglers in Draw Tournaments by CuradoKev  -  December 18, 2006
I get asked for tips and advice on being a co-angler in tournaments like the Wal-Mart BFL often. Here's must read advice from veteran co-angler and  GreatLakesBass.com member CuradoKev!

Houghton Lake Top Bass Jun 4, 05 Part 1: The Preparation
Houghton Lake Top Bass Jun 4, 05 Part 2: The Tournament
by Dan Kimmel

This is a two-part detailed report on my practice strategy and tournament execution during my 2nd place finish at the June 4, 2005 Houghton Lake Top Bass tournament. I’ve attempted to share what I was thinking as the practice period and tournament transpired

Youth Fishing
TBF of Michigan Junior Member Cody Harris with his 2007 TBF Junior World Championship Trophy TBF of Michigan Junior Member Cody Harris Has Banner Year In 2007 by Brian Bennett (motocross269)  -  August 9, 2008
In Cody Harris’ young fishing career he has already amassed a fishing resume’ that many top bass pros would be proud to have. Cody has competed in many casting competitions and went on to win the Michigan Casting Kids state championship. He qualified for the Bassmaster Junior Championship as a competitor at the age of 11. In 2007 he won the TBF of Michigan Junior State Championship and on the next day finished 2nd at the BASS Junior State Championship.
Humor (What would life be without it?)
The Legend of Uncle Silty by Dan Kimmel
A ‘Legend’ explained. Oh what the heck – it’s just a way to show another great cartoon figure from the genius of Bill ‘Mac’ McElroy and his Scale and Tales, and prove to some people that I really do have friends, some of whom are even famous!

How Not to Fish Team Tournaments by Dan Kimmel
An 'ancient' attempt at humor written after a particularly bad experience - one I've tried to forget ever since. Maybe it will help you avoid the same mistakes. Worth a look - an original drawing from the archives (before he was famous) from Bill McElroy just for the article.

The Bass Tournament Angler's Dictionary by Dan Kimmel
Definitions to terms and phrases every bass / tournament angler needs to know. Many editors and much painstaking effort as gone into developing this valuable resource as an accurate reference point for anglers from beginning to advanced. This is volume 1.
Where-to Topics
Lake Ovid Largemouth Bass Fishing A Little Taste of the SouthA Little Taste of the South - Only Better, Lake Ovid Bass Fishing by Mark Gomez (cameraguy), Photos by cameraguy  -  June 5, 2007
Ever since Dan Kimmel introduced me to Lake Ovid a few years ago, it has been one of my favorite fishing destinations. This small impoundment has features found in many southern reservoirs albeit on a much smaller scale. But the fishing isn't small!

A Bass Awakening: The St Joe River Comes to Life by Andrew Buss (Duke)  -  February 20, 2007
Bass fishing on the big St. Joe River is heating up fierce the past couple of season. Find out what you're missing if you aren't doing some river fishin' from GreatLakesBass.com member Andrew Buss!

Mullett Lake smallmouth bass fall fishing northern Michigan War Eagle Spinnerbaits Northern Michigan Big Bass Hunt 2005 by Dan Kimmel
Report on my week long fall camping - fishing adventures in Northern Michigan this October 2005 including some pictures of the BIG ones that didn’t get away - GIANT smallies up to 8 pounds 2 ounces!!.

Outdoors, Camping and Other
Day on St. Clair with Dan Kimmel by David Simmons
Yamaha Promotions Manager (now FLW/TBF Programs Manager)
Pictures and report on our day together on Lake St. Clair including David’s hawg 5-2 smallmouth from the channels

Summer RV Tips
Summer is the season that you and your family look forward to all year long. It’s a time where family bonds are strengthened and lifetime memories are made. That’s why it is essential to make sure your RV is running properly to avoid a premature end to your vacation.

VIP Camp Safely Tips
Camping is a fun time for the whole family. Leave all of your troubles behind and reconnect with family and friends. Campfires, roasting marshmallows and sing-a-longs are the memories you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. That’s why it is essential to make your campsite a safe place for everyone.

Websites Crucial to Customers from AnglerHosting.com
Don't have a Web site yet? Websites are essential to customer buying decision, retention, interaction. A lack of web site can drive customers away. Securing and retaining customers can be as easy as providing a quality, modern Web site.

RV Pickup Camper Ready for SpringRV Ready for Spring Yet? by Kevin Freund, Good Sam Club
Coming out of hibernation - It's been a long winter and the combined effects of the elements can take a toll on stored RVs. Now's the time to prepare for those spring getaways. Taking a little time now will help ensure enjoyment all through the year.

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