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Green Lake (Oakland County)


var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Does anyone have experience fishing on Green Lake in Oakland County? It?s in West Bloomfield and Commerce Road is on the south side of the lake.

It is a electric motor only lake and I think it?s private. That is about all I know. Is the fishing any good? Water clarity? Depth? Anything at all on this lake would be interesting to hear about.

Also, have any of you all ever brought a bass boat onto an electric only motor lake and just ran your trolling motor all day? I?m think that would be ok for the regulations, but have no idea if people would care.


For regulations, it depends on who made the regulation, and how it exactly reads. I'm not familiar with Green Lake. Past electric motor only regs have disallowed gas motors from being on the boat in certain cases. Little surprising a lake like that doesn't want pontoons at least, if not jet skis, jet boats, speed boats, wake boats, etc., etc.

If you haven't searched regs by county in the DNR Fishing Guide I'd recommend that. I don't recall seeing anything in there, but there's too much to remember off the top of my head. These types of rules are often a local ordinance or rule that might not be in the guide. Some of these local ordinances can be tricky to track down.

dartag might know something about the lake as it's attached to his Union Lake by a small channel, ditch or stream. Don't see a public access and don't recall anyone talking about such. Looks like very shallow edged with pretty deep water / drops a little like Union Lake, but without the more complex islands and ridges of Union.

Looks like the channel is navigable most of the way to Union but under the last bridge near Union becomes too small for a boat. Not sure you can get under that last bridge. Maybe a kayak... float tube? There's probably a ramp or ramps somewhere on the lake, but nothing with parking that sticks out. Looks like the high rent district. Hard to get public access on those public lakes.

Very private.   There are a lot of Electric Pontoon Boats on the lake.  The structure is the same as Union.  Marl bottom with drop offs.   Would imagine the Smallmouth fishing would be great.   It flows into Union Lake under Willow Road.   Have always thought about launching my kayak and going out there. 

Thanks guys. Appreciate the responses. Fascinating that not much is known by anyone, which might be because of the gas motor not even being allowed to be boat as Dan says or the very private thing dartag mentions.

Anyway. Thanks again for responding.


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