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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Really love the site and special thanks to Dan for providing.  This site has helped me and the Lake Norman Mafia :) a lot  on our trips to LSC.  NOt being for the area it is a great help and thanks for all the local information. 8) If any of use Down South can help please feel free to give a call or email.  Thanks Dan for all and your crew for the helpful hints.. Hope to be back up North before too long 8) 8) 8) 8)

Glad you're a part of the crew and drinking the LSC Cool-Aide.  Mmmmm...tasty.  Thanks for being a part of GLB.

Well when you water gets hard, come on down South fish is at it best in the winter here on Norman.  Nothing like LSC but lots of spots but small ;) Going to climb the hill and fish Cherokee for some more of those Brown Fish after T Day.

I've heard Norman has turned into a lake full of tiny spotted bass. Sure wish anglers would get smarter. We don't need private stocking programs. They just mess things up, and can spread fish diseases.

We do, but they never seem to grow up :) Now for the perch jerker's the bottom of the lake is paved with White Perch (that eats all the bait) with no limit on size or numbers. Y'all come on down when in gets cold up there and the water gets hard.  Lake Norman is a great winter fishery with some of the heavier sack weighted. We had a good but not great trip to LSC this year (8 Boats) and we caught fish but no more that 15-20 per day each boat. The wind never let up but one out of the 8 days of fishing. We were about two weeks early again. Seems as we have been early or late the last few years ::) Got a note to self to check water temp more closely for next year, hope to maybe get back up North this fall in Sept or early Oct. Seems to catch not as many but bigger fish. Y'all Come we need your money


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