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Author Topic: Wasn't I just here? Round Lake 8-1-17  (Read 512 times)

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Wasn't I just here? Round Lake 8-1-17
« on: September 04, 2017, 10:14:27 PM »

Yes I was, but Tuesday, August 1st I'm right back early, early in the morning on Round Lake again. Why? Why not...!

Went old school on 'em this morning - a little triple wing option on 2... After my 1st buzzbait attracted no action, I tied on an old, slow, quiet 3-blade spluttering buzzer and got 2 pretty quick - only 1 keeper though. Went 2 for 3 on it though the one that missed was a good one!

Trying not to get here too early because it seems like all my better bites come within 30 minutes or less of sunrise. The bass above hit around 6:12 am. I always seem to get some odd light bites and probably small bass bites before about 5:45am.

#2 not quite big enough. I'm out here again so soon due to a scheduling snafu. Only had 1 real quality bite on 3 different buzzers. A follow up cast with a 90 Whopper Plopper produced another nice swing and a miss.

Had to stop my morning heat break momentarily. So, earlier I was frustrated by lots of topwater action not happening for me so I broke out an expensive jerkbait... Of course, this happened... Twice!

Not even 8am yet but the Lucky Craft Pointer is getting whammered by toothy pike!! So, put that back down for awhile...

Third times the charm though... before I put the Lucky Crafter Pointer 100 down (Ghost Shad, I think?) I did manage to get my bass on with it... just once. I thought with all the nervous minnows around that there's bass chasing some for sure and they have to want to hit something, right??

Topwater action has slowed way down but I sightfished this chunker way shallow in the gunk with a #90 Whopper Plopper! Saw a much bigger fish crashing but couldn't find it again. Maybe big bass...? Maybe big doggie?? Well, back to work. Tons of little minnows cruising all over at the surface! Never seen such large schools of minnows cruising Round Lake before!

Not sure how I got in here but I've been stalking the same mean ole swamp bass for 45 minutes! Missed him twice! This time he crushed my Horny Toad and I stuck him good... But the wily creature took me down in the pads... And got off!! Dangitall! He just killed something else to taunt me!!

I messed around in there for a while after that because, if nothing else is working well, you have to rule out other possible options...

After temporarily turning the day into pikapalooza  (one pike wanted the 'pike killer' so bad it actually leaped a foot in the air to get it after I thought I had jerked it away safely!!)... The Stevie Rig strikes again for a real nice one, off the break! Case Plastics drop shot worm - green pumpkin gold!

I went to visit some really nervous panfish nearby after no more bites on the drop shot. Caught a dink. Then a pike bit clean through my 15 lbs. test steel leader! %!#$! pike! So I'm back where I caught the last good bass. Felt a weird bite and hooked this big pumpkinseed... on a 7 inch Power Worm!

Speaking of big and ugly (with a side of prehistoric thrown in)... later in the day I decided to go down the break throwing out where the majority of the nervous panfish and minnow schools are. KAWHAM!! My nice, expensive Lucky Craft Pointer get flat out CRUSHED about jerking the rod out of my hands. For a brief moment I'm thinking HUGE bass but then it rolls... oh shoot... not a bass. BIG ole dogfish - a whopper. Jumps a few times and takes a while to get it in and manage to get my hooks out without disaster striking!

I'm you're huckleberry... Get to finish the day with the best strike of today on the way in along a weedline - this mean, strong bass just smashed the kustom Kicker Jigs Titanium Freak Buzz KAPOW!! Time to go home!

Help stop invasive spcies. Don't move fish between unconnected bodies of water. Clean, drain and dry your boat before launching on another water body.
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