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Author Topic: What's your story?  (Read 3151 times)

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What's your story?
« on: February 29, 2008, 03:24:18 PM »

So how did it happen for you that you became a Christ-follower?  We'd love to hear your stories. 

For me, it started by going to church as a kid.  But I didn't really connect the dots until my mom died in 1987.  She was on her death bed after dying of cancer for more than 2 years.  For the last few months she didn't recognize anyone and was pretty much catatonic.  Miraculously, a few days before she died, she came out of the state she was in and was completely lucid.  She asked me to bring my pastor to her bedside so that she could take communion.  This was not like her because she didn't go to church or anything like that. 

The pastor came to the house the next day and brought her communion.  At that time, he asked her if she believed in Jesus and wanted His forgiveness.  She accepted Him.  A few days later, she passed.  Later, as I pondered this event, I began to realize that our merciful God had been dealing with her heart even in her weakened state and that He brought her out of her condition to accept Him.  So I began to open my heart to God.

Some years later, I was actively involved in a church, and mostly open, but still doing a lot of the crap I had always done.  I was 26 years old.  I had never met my father before and I had been estranged from my sister for many years.  As I was praying one day, I heard God gently speak to my heart "Call your sister".  After fighting it for a while, I finally called her.  Before I could get a word out, she told me that my dad, whom I had never met was sitting with her in her living room for the first time.  I was floored.  I went to her house the next day where she proceeded to tell me that she had become a follower of Christ.  Then I met my dad for the first time.  He too is a Christian.  The past 10 years have been amazing as I've grown to know and love my dad.  I can't imagine life without him in it now.  What a miracle!

What more evidence did I need?  From that moment on, I was determined to live my life in every way possible for this God who loves me so much that He would work in my life the way He has.  I am still amazed at the miracles He's done in my life and family.  How could ever turn back...

It doesn't really matter much what happens to me now.  I could die of cancer tomorrow or end up broke in a gutter somewhere.  I'll still never turn back because I know that no matter what I go through, I'm never alone.  I understand that He's real now, because I've experienced too much of Him to deny it. 

What's your story? 
Tom  <><

Refuge Community Church

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Re: What's your story?
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2008, 10:51:54 AM »

I don't have any particular event that took place in my life that help me accept Christ as my lord and savior, but a whole bunch of little things that all started to come together as I got older and became a dad.

A few events stand clear to me and I would like to share them with all of you here. When I was 19 years old my Grandmother passed and before she went home I had the privilege of spending a good hour with her. A little history about my Grandma. She was a very intelligent woman who had a varied career history. She started out as a young lady in the Mountains of Kentucky back in the 40’s as a coal miners daughter and eventually made her way to Detroit and found a job as an assembly worker for GM, she drove a taxi cab for a while and eventually ended up as the personal Limo driver for Dick the Bruiser. The famous Detroit Wrestler. She never really believed in God and never pressed any of the issue’s. I spent most of my summer’s with her while I was a young man and I seen her read the bible just about every day. I asked her about this once and about her belief’s and she in no uncertain terms told me that the bible was a well written book and she liked to read it and try and interpret what was being said. She also read the dictionary every day just because she wanted to know every word in it and what it meant.

Well the last time I spoke to her a pastor from the hospital had just left her room and she talked with me quite extensively how she had been wrong her whole life about god and tried to explain things to me as best she could. The one thing I remembered about this conversation was how she said “It is amazing that it took me until I was laying on my death bed to realize how wrong I have been about god”. Knowing that she was as smart as she was I still didn’t get it.

I than started fishing the Fisher’s of men tournament trail in 2006 and went to every pre-tournament meeting and listened to the message delivered. I mostly just listened because I am a big fan of Public speakers and I enjoy listening to people talk in a public forum.
The big thing that stood out to me that year was at the Regional dinner for this event the guest speaker was Art Ferguson. I have known Art for several years and honestly I did not hold him high on my list of great people because of the way he used to carry himself and some actions that he had done in the past that I have personally witnessed. While he was talking he said how he changed his ways when he found god in that hotel room in Tennessee and I also had noticed a change in his whole demeanor over the previous years.

This opened my eyes a little bit more and I started to reflect on some path’s that I had chosen and why I choose the path’s that I did. There were all kinds of clue’s that were given to me to which path to take and when I actually reflected upon them it all became really clear to me.

Recently my 3 year old has been going through some Medical issue’s that have caused my wife and I to make some very critical decision’s that I just couldn’t make on a Doctor’s advice alone so that is when I opened my heart to Jesus and asked him for guidance as to the right path. The clues had been with me all along and it just became easier for me to make the decisions that had to be made when I had a little talk with Jesus.

When I talk about choices or signs on which path to take one sign just happened the other day to reaffirm that there are all kind’s of clues given to us from god on which direction  to head.
I am in the process of writing a book on fishing the BFL’s with the help of several members of the GLB community and on Thursday morning I was still kicking the Idea around if I wanted to spend all of the time and effort on an endeavor that is probably not going to go anywhere and I read a post that our own Revtro had decided to fish the BFL for the first time this season and it hit me like a truck that YES you need to write this book. Revtro was really kicking around the Idea of fishing and was very hesitant to pull the trigger as I was with writing this book and he got a sign as to which path to take and I also got a sign. Revtro would be an excellent candidate for this book because it will be his first year fishing this trail and would be perfect for the book idea I have in mind.

In closing I have to say that throughout my life I have had several sign’s as to which path to take and never really knew where these little nudges were coming from until I accepted Jesus into my heart and now the signs or nudges are real easy for me to understand and see when they are being blessed upon me.

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Re: What's your story?
« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2008, 11:44:33 AM »

I was blessed to grow up with Christian parents.  As long as I can remember my mom and dad (REELMAN) taught me about the Bible, and the facts of Christianity.

At a ripe old age of 3 (almost 4) I realized that I was a sinner and I asked for forgiveness.  At that young age, I understood the basics, but of course the growth process is ongoing, lifelong process.

Now with 2 young kids, I understand the responsibility that I have to raise them right.  It is quite a challenge, and I am thankful that my parents and my wife's parents set good Christian examples for both of us.



Re: What's your story?
« Reply #3 on: March 03, 2008, 09:35:31 PM »

 wow! seth and revtro, that's so great how God made his love known to you guys. makes my waterworks start -almost- fisherman don't really cry do we? :)
my dad was told he had stomach cancer in january of this year and it's soo neat how God gave him this time to get right with him before He is done with him.He has mentioned many times before he goes in for a scope or other procedure that the Lord's will be done.

 so neat to see how after all the mistakes he 's made in his life Jesus is still there with open arms saying"let me take you through this."

  i think my brother has had his eyes opened also but he won't really say anything yet about it. pray for him, his name is keith.thanks again for all you guys do here..karol

 p.s.s hey rev, do you any talks like for a father-son gettogether? just wondered.don't know where you live but maybe we could do something like this.. thanks again..karol


Re: What's your story?
« Reply #4 on: March 04, 2008, 11:17:15 AM »

It's a great comfort to know that your family is saved. Like Seth, I had parents and in-laws (Seth's Grand parents and Great GParents) that are and were Christians. It is hard to understand what it would be like not to have a Christian family. Conversations, priorities, way of thinking and just everyday life would be so different. I praise God everyday for my blessings; parents, son, daughter-in-love, two wonderful grand kids and most of all a GREAT wife. (It's hard to put up with a fisherman).
We are here for just a whisp of time and it is great to know that  through Christ we will be together for eternity.

God Bless



Re: What's your story?
« Reply #5 on: March 06, 2008, 04:09:21 AM »

 Alright we'll I'm gonna share my story in why I believe there is a huge power above us. Not many of you know who I am and if you do you prolly dont think Im a man of God. I AM. I had a car accident about 4 years ago that would've left a normal man dead. Still not sure why Im Not?? I flipped my truck 10 times down a hill shattered my spine and crushed my chest and a few more minor scars if you've seen me. I thank God everyday that Im here! I thank God everyday that Im here and for some reason I think the only reason Im here is to make a difference in the world.I just wanna find my reason to be here!-skeeterman-

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Re: What's your story?
« Reply #6 on: March 06, 2008, 08:11:13 AM »

I was raised by parents that didnt practice religion but I was placed in christian school for all my grade schooling and most of junior high in their attemp to give me a better education, I quickley moved on with my life after going to public schools and if my memory serves me right I quickley forgot about christ and was unshure of my beliefs.

after a few years I realized that when I was in a fix I would talk to god...hmmm guess something set in from grade school.

after a few more years and seeing several things that had no explanation...not even a small world could cover I realized there was a higher power controlling my life and my events.

when I was in my early twenties my mother was diagnosed with cancer and I found myself needing and asking God for strength and I did find it, soon after that my father was diagnosed with cancer and again I found strength in God.

I have commited several sins in my life and without my belief I would have never asked God for forgiveness, I would not fear my sins nor would I have learned from my sins.

without God I might not have chosen to live an honest life.
with God and Christ in my life I make better decisions and know Im a better person for it.
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Re: What's your story?
« Reply #7 on: March 19, 2008, 06:30:07 PM »

I grew up in the Catholic Church (plus K-12 schooling), so the concept of there being a God was a no-brainer.  Throughout my early religious life, I have no recollection of a bible being opened in a classroom or of hearing the good news that Jesus died on the cross for me personally, being mentioned in church.  However, the routine was familiar, so I pressed on.

By the time I was 18, the “folk group” movement was in full swing and I was glad to be a part of it.  Playing guitar and singing this “new music” was something I enjoyed and looked forward to.  What happened next was that I began to look for something more out of my church experience.  I didn’t know it at the time, but it was really God calling me to be closer to him.

Scripture: Unless the Father draw him…

There was a Christian co-worker that fielded many of my tough questions like: “I really like rock & roll music, would I have to give that up to be born again?”  His answer was unequivocally, no.  I eventually visited him at his apartment, we prayed together and from that point on, I was born again.

Have you been wondering, “Is that all there is?”  It may be that you are noticing, perhaps for the first time, the absence of God in your life.  He doesn’t want to take anything away from you. He just wants to complete you. 

It’s always good to go to church and pray with believers who can help lead you to God.  I realize though, now might be a quiet moment for you to reflect on this.  If this sounds like a step that you want to take, take it now.  Pray with me:


Father, in Jesus name I come to you today to tell you that I have been away from you too long.  I’m ready to know you now.  I confess that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins and it is only through your grace that I can be saved.  I’m asking you to come into my life and forgive my sins.  From today forward, I commit my life to you and ask for you to walk with me, the rest of my days and forever.


Welcome to the family of God and to a life of new beginnings.  Start reading the bible and pray regularly.  If you feel bad about something you are doing or have done, ask God for forgiveness, then move on.  His love endures forever. The next best thing you can do now is to find a church where they put Jesus first.  Here’s how the story continues:


My next question was: If everyone is reading out of the same bible, how come there are so many different types of denominations and churches?  So, I set out to see who was who in the zoo.

I visited churches both big and small.  Some of them made me very uncomfortable and some of them were so much like the church I had come from, so there was little difference at all.  Eventually, I found several churches that seemed to make every effort to follow the teachings of Christ.  I ended up at Zion Christian Church in Troy, and have made it my home for over 20 years.

I thank God for surrounding me with people who believe in his Word.  I’m involved in the music ministry and have a strong desire to be at church every chance I get.  I give God all the praise for the peace that comes from knowing that heaven is the next stop after this life. Also, that His hope and power is available for us today.


Re: What's your story?
« Reply #8 on: March 30, 2008, 04:31:40 AM »

Hi everyone!  To those of you who don't know me, I'm a friend of Revtro (Tom).  We attend the same church.  I really enjoy reading the posts and I take it all in.  I guess I've been waiting to jump into the right discussion.  What better one than this!  Well here it goes.  Cast n blast and I have similar start.  Parents who really didn't practice religion too.  My mom says she prays to God everyday.  They just don't go to church.  I'm still working on that.  They also sent me to private school for a better education.  I went from second grade through eighth grade before they closed up within two weeks of starting ninth grade.  So instead I had to go to a public school and I feel things went downhill from there.  I believed in God then but as a kid I really didn't "get it" until I was older and could really understand what it meant to be saved.  I took God for granted as I was growing up.  I think back then just to believe in God was enough and that's all there was.  In grade school they just taught you about the "warm and fuzzy" stuff we could understand. 

Through my teens and early twenties, God was put on the back burner until my wife and I decided to get married.  I went with my wife to church before we got engaged from time to time but I never felt like I belonged there.  The service would go on and I went through the motions (even though I didn't know what they were doing or why) and then we left.  I didn't feel like I got anything out of it.  Also when we got married there were some things about my church experiences that made me feel like I was an outsider that left me bitter about organized religion.  Shortly after we got married we stopped going to church altogether.

Some years went by and with all of those cable stations I started to watch programs like the Science Channel and the Discovery Channel.  And after watching shows that dealt with evolution I started formulating questions like "Is there really a God" and "Could the Big Band Theory be true".

Well it just "so happened" that shortly after I starting asking myself these questions my wife had been talking to this guy (Bud) at work who inquired about her religion.  She had commented to him that she was a believer but I had fallen away and that I was being skeptical and was questioning God and different things.  She started relaying questions to him for me so maybe I could get some answers.  I think, after all these years, I was just now beginning to really look for Jesus!  The answers I was getting were making sense so I finally agreed to go with her to visit this church.

What a surprise!  A room with chairs and no pews!  A band playing hip-hop music!  People greeting us as we came in!  Whoa!   Not what I thought church was gonna be like!  But by the end of service, I knew this was right for me (us).  Not long after spending some time with Tom and attending some small study groups I truly gave my life to Jesus Christ!  Because I was more proof driven an "Evidence of the Bible" group was perfect for me.  Funny though, it took me going to an evidence class to have faith. hehe.  Faith.  I really took that word for granted too.  However, the things I've learned that support Jesus Christ and the Word has strengthened my faith!  The one thing that "clicked" for me was an analogy that my friend Doug told me one day.  "Fine, I'll give it to you that the Big Bang happened, earth formed, and everything worked out perfect that a  living cell came to it has to have a mate!"  What are the chances two living organisms were produced at the same time AND found each other to reproduce?  Sometimes it's the simple things.  God can work in some cool ways.  And BTW, thanks to those people I mentioned above because without God using them I wouldn't be where I am at today.

I now play in our worship band and for me there is nothing cooler than looking out into the congregation and seeing people getting connected with God.  It's just awesome that you can help people get closer to God with whatever gifts you've been blessed with.  I'm sorry this was so long.  I hope no one minded.  I also look forward to posting in other topics with everyone!
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