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Spring Turkey Hunt 2015

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Don't   waste time, get your  2015 applications   in before February   1st. After March 2nd,  A base license  is required for every resident and  nonresident who hunts in Michigan . Hunters may purchase their spring turkey license only after they have obtained a base license    for the year 2015. Drawing results posted Mar. 2nd. Visit Report all poaching. 800-292-7800

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 It's cold but snow depths  have been lighter than last year.Unless you live on the North west coast  of the state. Snow came and stayed. Friends in Grayling have spotted large flocks  of birds on his properties this winter. Several  large Tom's visit  the area every day. The same is  true in Oakland County, so far large flocks  cover the cut fields.

I'll probably try to arrow a good tom again this year, hopefully with more success than all past years.  I've bowhunted turkey 2 years, when not in school, and have shot 1 that I was unable to recover in an old and grown over apple orchard, and I missed a big tom that snuck in on me a couple years ago.  It's not easy shooting them with a bow, but I always love a challenge!


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With the recent warm weather, the birds are more visible. The woods have standing water , that makes it easy to get a grasp on the turkey populations . Most cut and plowed fields are holding folks of turkeys. The DNR reports a slight dip in numbers this winter. I have visited   several   out fitters and  selection of sale outerwear  from  last fall is thin, with the spring camouflage already being put out on the floor. Get your applications  in by January   31.

Got Fish??:
February  is not too soon  to scout for spring toms. On feedlots and in stubble cornfields,seeds underneath the ice and snow, are accessible  to turkeys. Glass these  areas to get an idea of how birds have wintered,what condition  they're in, and how many turkeys  may be in a particular area. Turkeys  will gobble with snow on the ground . That's why on sunny warm 35-degree mornings you should be listening . This will help you pin point more birds from location . There's a good chance that bird will still be partial to that tree or grove. Come spring.Also look for turkey tracks in the snow  to reveal fly-up and fly-down locations, travel  routes, and pinch points. These are excellent  ambush spots, and perfect spots for blinds, come spring.


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