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Title: Miller Lite Tourney @ St. Joe River
Post by: Duke on June 12, 2006, 10:05:50 PM
Miller Tournament was good & bad. We were in the second flight and left @ 6:45. By 8:15 we had a limit; by 9:45, we had caught 2 limits. Nothing big was our problem. Then our trolling motor quit  :'( :'(. I don't know what happened; I took it in to D & R Sportscenter today, they thought maybe the speed coil broke? Who knows. Nevertheless, we tried drifting, but in the river thats tough. We caught 1 more keeper, but it wasn't able to help us. We were never able to go after big ones. We weighed in 4 smallies & 1 largemouth at 6.42#. Normally, that is decent on the river; however, that stunk Saturday. Out of 80 boats there was 59 limits!!  :o We finished around 35th place (give or take 1-2). We caught our fish on crankbaits & tubes on the main river. I have never seen so many fish caught on this river. I have no idea what the winners had. The top 30 advanced to the championship in August where they fish for a new boat & truck.