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Title: *Burt/Mullett BFL Launch Update*
Post by: djkimmel on June 05, 2006, 11:16:32 PM
The latest about the new launch site and logistics for anglers participating in the BFL tournament on Burt/Mullett this Saturday:

We are launching out of the Summer Mooring Marina (Pier 33 Party Store) on M-33 at the bridge over the Cheboygan River North of Mullett Lake. The river is no wake from Mullett Lake to Lake Huron. You will NOT have to go through the lock to get to Mullett Lake. You will to get to Huron (I will try to contact the lockmaster about letting people through earlier on June 10, no promises, but they have helped in the past).

Correction: The party store will be open. See below for food plans.

The parking is lot is being worked in this week and they have assured our tournament director Anthony Wright it will be in much better shape by Friday afternoon. The ramp itself it a deep concrete ramp. We can probably only launch one boat at a time - the turn-around down the hill is too tight for two vehicles although we can launch one while another one lines up. I believe there will be people at the site to direct traffic for parking and launching. Correction: Anthony Wright said you can launch anywhere as long as you go through boat check.

There is a lot more parking nearby. There will be help to get to the parking in an orderly fashion. I will share further details as I get them. This will all be clarified by Anthony Wright at the Friday meeting at the Wal-Mart in Cheboygan (a few miles North of the launch).

The really good news is that there are 40 double-wide slips available in the harbor at ramp for tying up your boats (free). I looked them over and we can probably park 70 or so boats at the weigh-in, but to start with, Summer Moorings has offered that anyone who wants to launch their boat Friday can do so and leave their boat in the water overnight at a dock for free - over 40 boats. There will be security on-site. This could help speed things up for Saturday morning. Also, see the Waterways Campground thread for another really good option to launching in the morning if you want to camp.

Correction: Electricity will be available FREE at the docks, first come, first serve. See below for further details.

All of the locals I talked to were aware of the tournament, and everyone seemed very friendly and even excited to have us there. Many offered help and information on finding things and getting things. Very refreshing to have positive interest in our being there. The fishing should be awesome by Saturday too.
Title: Re: *Burt/Mullett BFL Launch Update*
Post by: CuradoKev on June 06, 2006, 09:03:19 AM
Thanks Dan for the info  ;D

Should be a great weekend, Ckev
Title: Re: *Burt/Mullett BFL Launch Update* *More Details as promised
Post by: djkimmel on June 06, 2006, 01:11:34 PM
(You're welcome Kev)

More launch details ? some really friendly and helpful people up there:

Friday night, you can launch your boat any time to keep it overnight at a Summer Moorings marina dock. Electricity WILL be available. First come, first serve ? FREE!

There will be security. Launching Friday night will really help things on Saturday morning. Please consider it. Please try to meet your partner somewhere else rather than at the ramp since parking will be a short ways from the ramp, not right at the ramp.

Local volunteers and marina staff will be at the ramp by 4:30 AM on Saturday to help guide boaters down to the ramp, and to steer your rig towards parking areas nearby.

The Pier 33 Party Store will be open Saturday morning with food and beverages available (yes, lots of coffee).

This is really great news! Summer Moorings staff will be selling grilled hotdogs, brats and burgers after the tournament at the launch site. Bring your appetite. They will have additional parking nearby for spectators in the afternoon.

This will NOT be a trailered weigh in due to the large amount of dockage available. Also, to clarify, you can launch where ever you want as long as you go through boat check. All verified with Anthony Wright today.
Title: Re: *Burt/Mullett BFL Launch Update*
Post by: Mini on June 09, 2006, 05:47:24 PM
Launch where you want?!!???

I dont like the sounds of that. GOOD LUCK!