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Title: Upgrade For Picture Attachments Added
Post by: djkimmel on March 01, 2011, 05:35:58 PM
At no cost to you... I've increased the limits on attached pictures to make it easier for you to share your fishing and outdoor pictures with members and visitors to

This applies if you use the 'Additional Options...' link at the bottom of a reply or new topic post on the forum to select and upload a picture from your computer.

You can still have up to 4 attachments per post, with each attachment being up to  2.5MB in size for a total of 10MB per post. If you have more than 4 pictures to attach, just use additional posts. I hope this makes it easier for more of you to share your pictures!

There is still a 500px by 500px limit in size for pictures if you link them from somewhere else on the Internet (like Photobucket) using the IMG tags, but since attached pictures display in a popup window, this size limit does not apply.

Just try to keep your pictures reasonable in size since a really big pictures will scroll off the screen in the popup window. Some browsers will attempt to resize the picture to fit the viewers screen size.

Thanks for being members.