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Title: Win a fishing trip with Kevin Van Zona!
Post by: djkimmel on January 03, 2011, 11:11:43 PM
Wouldn't that be an AWESOME contest!?! mikesmiph was saying how he'd die, or kill, or kiss a sheepshead or something for a chance to fish one day with KVD or the Z-Train. I was thinking, what if... what if there really was a way to twist the two together and come out with one hybrid angler?!? You'd have to chug a couple 5 hour energies and 3 cups of strong coffee just to operate on the same level, let me tell you.

Growing up fishing against KVD - he was always the king of the 'run-and-gun' and getting to see Zona in action some, whew! I'm tired just thinking about it. Six in the morning and he's singing to the lady behind the sandwich counter!

If they ever do create a clone of the two with their DNA blended, I would see if I could talk them into a fishing trip for a member. (I have to go too though!! ;D) Kevin Van Zona!! Deadly on Smallmouth!