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Title: Green Lake - Family Trip`
Post by: gkcalls on June 24, 2019, 12:32:20 PM
Looking for a a little help if anyone would be willing to share. Headed up to Green Lake the week of July 6th. I have been trying to hire a local guide but he is pretty booked up. I bringing up my little fishing boat to get my nephew and dad on some fish. Any suggestions on areas or depth they will be in this time of year. I have never fished on Green before. Appreciate any help, thanks!

Title: Re: Green Lake - Family Trip`
Post by: TheFishinPollock on June 25, 2019, 06:53:56 PM
You will be pushing into post spawn for bass, panfish should be bedding up , pike will just be eating , and lake trout will be suspended chasing smelt schools up here.  The main body of the lake is your best bet . Just cruse the drop offs casting drop shots, texas rigs, jigs and lipless cranks for the smallies.  Where it starts to narrow down headed at the music camp from the dnr launch on betsie river road , there are 2 sunkin humps about 10 to 15 foot down. In the back corner is a large shallow reef with good drops all around it. Evening trolling might produce some lakers as will early morning times.

Duck lake across the street has good panfish numbers and some killer largemouth . Same way to fish it. Cruse the edges of the drops.

Long lake down the road has walleye and perch in good numbers , but have been running a touch small this year. IT has 2 launches. North end one is good, but you have to back across the street. The new dnr launch is fantastic .  It is more mid lake. Lots of islands, drops , weed flats on that lake.