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Title: FYI on the required GDPR notice
Post by: djkimmel on September 16, 2018, 06:57:47 PM
If the code is working right and I've implemented it right you will never know that I've done this... but... there's always a chance one of you has something weird happen and you'll be totally surprised, which is why I'm posting this.

Due to various contracts and agreements I have to work with, I am required to implement a solution for the new May 25, 2018 enactment of the European Union privacy laws, commonly known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation ( I can't just tell some of my affiliations that I have virtually no traffic from people who are covered under this EU law. Just the chance that someone from the EU visits my site is enough to put everyone, including me, at risk of penalties.

One of the companies I work with has required that I add a process to my websites that explains their privacy rights, details what personal data may be captured about them and asks for permission, or gives them the ability to block the use of and/or remove their personal data.

How It Should Work For Non-EU Visitors
I have it set up to determine from your browser whether or not you are from a European Union country. The notice and permission form should only pop up if your browser indicates one of those countries. There's a possibility if your browser is not sharing the right locale or some other error happens you may see the form. If you do, you have to respond to it before you can continue visiting the website. You can just agree to it if you're not an EU citizen - that won't change anything for you for how things work now, or you could even go through and set permissions. Not sure what happens when these are set to any kinds of limits. I don't have an easy way of testing that.

IMPORTANT: If you are one of my regular visitors or members (and NOT from an EU country - meaning pretty much all of you) AND you see this pop up about privacy permissions please contact me ( so I can find out why you are seeing it. I will need further information from you if this happens such as what device, browser and version. Odds should be extremely low that any of you ever will but there are ways to trigger it, and then there are the odd Internet hiccups that sometimes occur. I want it to work right and not cause any of you unnecessary issues.

I am in the process of rewriting my privacy policy ( to try to meet all of the requirements various companies, affiliations and laws of certain countries require from me so it will be changing over the next few weeks. It's never a bad idea to periodically check privacy policies of the Internet sites you visit regularly or especially any you give any personal data to.

If You Are An EU Visitor
If you visit this website from a country covered under the GDPR ( and you DON'T see the pop up form giving you the opportunity to see what personal data this website and affiliated companies may capture about you with options to block and/or remove this data please contact us: ( We will be adding links to our privacy policy ( shortly to give you access to look up and set your privacy permissions manually.