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Title: Friday July 20 - Gone Fishin' Eh
Post by: Revtro on July 21, 2018, 06:24:45 PM
Good day eh.  Canada was gooood to us yesterday.  We got ooot early and hit da South Shore.  The day started a little slow as we tried to find fish shallow.  Hit some shoals around Askins and the bite was sporadic.  So we decided to take it ooot deeper and look for weeds.  We got into a better bite ooot deeper but still nothing major.  We probably had about 8 Smallies by this point and on track to manage about 20 lbs.  At this point we headed to the Detroit River and fished a spot I really can't share much aboot the location.  Lets just say we were fishing deep. 30-34' deep.  And it was GAME ON EH!  We got into a magical stretch of water that started yielding some nice dark smallies every few casts, including a couple doubles.  Then the weather came.  It started raining and didn't look like it was gonna let up, so we made the decision to call it a day.  We had caught plenty by this time and after a couple of giant sheephead, we were ready for lunch and a cup o' jo. 

It was awesome to have my good friend, Wayne Carpenter on da boat with me all morning.  Not only is he a great guy to hang ooot with, he knows how to hunt da smallies down.  I can't wait to hit Canada again.