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Title: Friday June 7 - The hits keep on comin!
Post by: Revtro on June 07, 2018, 05:25:45 PM
What a great day today.  From 7am-1pm we managed 22 bass plus assorted rockies and such.  They were deeper for the most part today.  We did catch some in the 10 foot range, but out in 13' we found TONS of beds and some nice big fat smallies.  My best was just over 5lbs with probably a dozen more that went well over 4lbs and plenty of 3's.  We only got around 3 tiny bass, so the overall quality of fish was really great today.  Like yesterday, clear water was crucial and the Ned Rig reigned supreme.  We found out why when our first two fish coughed up 4 inch minnows that were the EXACT same color as we were throwing.  I mean our baits looked exactly like what the fish were foraging on.  Every time we found a group of beds we caught them.  They came in spurts as we moved through concentrations of beds.  The water calmed down nicely and there was just enough of a breeze go keep our boat moving.  Using a drift sock to keep us perpendicular to the wind really helped so that we could both have equal access.  I'm confident if we had stayed out a while longer we'd have surpassed 30 fish or more.  I hope this action keeps up throughout the month of June.