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Title: LSC BFL
Post by: motocross269 on July 09, 2007, 03:03:24 PM
What a weekend on LSC.  Definetly some huge sacks for alot of the field.
I drew a great boater in Charles Pruitt on Saturday.  The guy is 76 years old and still fishes hard.  I hope I can still be out there fishing the big water when I am that age.  He did a great job and put me on enough fish to cash a check.  We both caught over 14 lbs.   
On sunday at the TBF fish off I drew another great boater.  It took me awhile to get my limit, but with lots of help and coaching from my boater I was able to weigh in 12 lbs.  Not enough to make the team, but still a fun day.
Both events this weekend were very well run.  It was great to be able to fish close to home and sleep in my own bed the night before the tournament.
Title: Re: LSC BFL
Post by: dashaver63 on July 09, 2007, 09:49:25 PM
congrats on getting a check Sat.! Now you're on the board and can get into that top 40!
Title: Re: LSC BFL
Post by: motocross269 on July 09, 2007, 10:18:37 PM
Thanks dashaver..I am in 59th place so I have at least given myself a shot..Congrats to you for being in the top 40 keep up the good work.  I will see you at Grand River.
Congrats to cast and blast for cashing a nice big check on the boater side. 
Thanks Wayne Carpenter for getting those tubes priority mailed to my house in time...They made a difference.  If you want a high quality tube you need to link up with combat tackle.  Revtro gave out a good tip last week and I just had to try the 2.5 inch dropshot tubes so I ordered some from wayne's site on ebay and he had them to me before the tourney.
Title: Re: LSC BFL
Post by: SODY on July 10, 2007, 08:04:22 PM
I drew Great partners both days and had the great pleasure of fishing with Derek Cummins on Sunday, we fished hard caught lots but the big ones just came unbuttoned at the boat. Both boaters lost giants at the side and I lost more than I wanted to. We made the LOOONG trip to Erie on Sat and had a great time watching the FLW pros fishing right next to us, what a weekend. I learned so much. I COULD NOT PUT IT IN A BOOK. One bad note , my back just can't take the flight unless I'm driving. Two days of long/fast runs in rough water were just too much, Looks like its back to being a boater for me!
Title: Re: LSC BFL
Post by: motocross269 on July 10, 2007, 08:40:41 PM
It is funny how that makes a difference whether you are driving or not.  I rode in a really nice 21 ft ranger on Sunday and the boater took it easy coming back in and I am sore today.  I think 2 days in a row of riding takes it's toll.  I don't know how those FLW pros do it for over a week at a time.  Between practicing and the tourneys.  That may be why all of these in shape young guns are taking over in the pros.
Title: Re: LSC BFL
Post by: dashaver63 on July 11, 2007, 08:49:45 AM
Why do you think the Detroit River is their last stop before the FLW CUP? Those guy's will need a break after this. I know how bad I feel after 2 days, I can't imagine 3 weeks of that. I'd be dead. (or wishing I was)