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Title: Michigan Catch-and-Immediate-Release Legalization Proposal
Post by: djkimmel on June 23, 2013, 02:24:15 AM
In addition to bass season proposal covered under the Michigan Bass Season forum above, Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation (MBN) also submitted the attached (PDF) Michigan Catch-and- Immediate-Release Legalization Proposal to the MDNR Warmwater Resources Steering Committee on Monday, June 17, 2013. There is already more support for this general idea than originally expected but also more opposition than the bass season proposal because it impacts all kinds of fishing in Michigan.

The MDNR did not agree to take this issue up at this time. They stated it would take at least 5 year to implement because it is way more complicated and involves many groups and areas. The MDNR did state that they would be more likely to look at the proposal if we (Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation since that is who I officially represent on this committee and MBN did approve the proposal) got all the other committee groups to sign on to the proposal.

We are actually already working on that. Some people feel this is very controversial but the proposal is pretty clear that there are exceptions we recognize. Some groups have stated they support or might support the overall proposal because we have listed the exceptions. Some groups are saying they would be willing to discuss species/waters where they would be okay with catch-and-release.

MUCC said they are in support of anything that gets more people out fishing because they feel that is a priority. Several groups said they support the proposal as is. Some MDNR or retired MDNR also said they support the proposal.

I think it will lead to more fishing opportunity and more fishing participation. I think some good change will come of it based on discussions with people higher up in the MDNR, and people who have influence with the MDNR. More work needs to be done to get this proposal really moving, or at least some parts of the general idea of the proposal.

A few people stated that out-of-state anglers are going to come to Michigan no matter what but frankly, if we want to really compete and dominate the natural resource economy market, we need to be as angler-friendly and accommodating as our ABUNDANT quality resources can provide (much more than allowed at the moment on many waters for many species) and in a number of areas. Some of us know what I'm talking about... especially those of you coming from out-of-state wondering why we do some of the weird stuff we do if we want and expect more people to CHOOSE Michigan. I agree. We should do everything we can to attract more natural resources economy - we have the resources to handle a lot more in many, many areas. Why would anyone want to settle for 'good enough' when we could be so much better?!? You don't hear a lot of marketing people saying, 'good enough.'

We also need to eliminate unnecessary things that cause intra-angler conflict and create public relations issues and angler dissatisfaction like:

There are more, but I imagine you get the points. I can't afford a bass boat, catfish boat, bluegill boat, perch boat, crappie boat, walleye boat, muskie boat, pike boat, salmon boat, trout boat, carp boat, sturgeon boat and dogfish boat, AND waders! I'm also not going to create 15 different tackle boxes, labeling them with the species I'm trying to catch after filling them ONLY with lures / supplies that most people would associate with that 'type' of fish, particularly when I live in a state with the amount of water filled with multi-species like we have in Michigan.

Bass are my favorite fish and I used to fish a bunch of tournaments, so I bought a 'bass' boat. That does not mean in a state as rich and diverse as Michigan that I am always bass fishing. I like to catch just about every fish in Michigan, and have targeted just about every fish in Michigan, often FROM my 'bass' boat! I have the pictures to prove it though that would not prove it, of course, for some people.

Yes, I think it is retarded when I'm the only boat on a small inland lake in early April fishing with bobbers and 1-inch tubes for crappie, and someone on shore calls the MDNR to report some more lawbreakers! A CO drives his boat to the lake. Launches his boat and comes looking for the 1 'bass' boat on the entire lake to see if the are illegally 'bass' fishing... 100 CO's trying to cover 11,000 lakes, 30,000+ miles of rivers AND the Great Lakes MUST have something better to do with their already overworked time?!?

Stop the madness. Join MBN and me, and other smart people who care about our natural resources in pushing for common sense regulations that increase fishing opportunity, at least TRY to get more people out fishing, buying more fishing licenses, and let them enjoy fishing for their preferred species WHEN they can get out while reducing the hassle factor of intra-angler fighting and anxiety over getting accused of being this 'type' of angler or that 'type' of angler when you just want to enjoy a peaceful day on a beautiful Michigan fishing water like every other angler out there (all while adding to our very important natural resources economy!).
Title: Re: Michigan Catch-and-Immediate-Release Legalization Proposal
Post by: motocross269 on June 23, 2013, 06:18:43 AM
Fishing equals big dollars....I am sure the local businesses on LSC that benefit from fishing are doing quite well right now...

I stopped at the Crocker launch on Friday and the overflow parking was maxed out at 10 am..
75 percent of the plates were from out of state.....
Title: Re: Michigan Catch-and-Immediate-Release Legalization Proposal
Post by: djkimmel on June 23, 2013, 01:47:50 PM
There's always room for improvement. I would like to see Michigan pass Florida as the number one fishing destination state.