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Title: FOM east Cass lake
Post by: fishon1219 on August 14, 2006, 10:30:42 AM
Fished the 4th event of the year. This time it was on wonderful Cass lake. I spent the whole day on friday practising and managed to put together a nice pattern that was going to yield me about 6lbs for 5 fish. The morning of the tournament my partner and I stuck to the game plan. We hit our first spot and caught nothing. It was hard to fish because we needed to stay right on the edge of the drop off and hit every little clump of weeds and with the wind that was blowing in the early morning and no lite to see the weeds it was tough. We than moved to our second area and put 2 real nice 16 inchers in the boat that weighed about 1 1/2 lbs a piece. After fishing on Erie the whole week before when you see a 1 inch smallie that skinny you have to measure every one to make sure its a keeper. So, we have 2 in the box at about 8:00am. We move to a big flat with scattered weed patches and we catch 3 more keepers and my partner has a nice 2lber break him off right at the boat. We had 1 fish that was right at the 14" mark that we managed to cull up to 14 1/8 and throughout the day we got rid of that fish about 5 more times. We were upgrading a little and by a little I mean about 1 tenth of an ounce. We get up to the weigh in and the team of bucarrelli and bucarrelli had already weighed in there fish and left. There weight was 9.95lbs. We knew we were not even close and and were already down about not being able to catch any big fish. There were several teams in the weigh in line ahead of us and most of them had limits and the weights were all in the 7lb range. We were gussing our weight to be in that range as well. We hit the scales with a whopping 8.53lbs and that was good enough for 2nd place at that point. We are the points leaders for this divison and 2nd place is only 7 points behind us so we need every place we can get in the points to maintain our lead. Than the team that is 2nd in the points only 7 points behind us weight there fish in and they hit the scale with 8.55 lbs. Good ebough for second in the tournament and to gain 1 point on us in the points race. So congratulations to Paul Cowen and Derrick Holmes for beating us and gaining that extra point.